Fraudster-In-Chief Visiting Texas To Blame Rick Perry

Allen West writes of Obama’s trip to Texas to attack Rick Perry for the sake of the [Un]Affordable Care Act:

…at a time when Mr. Obama’s approval rating is at an all time low (now in the 30’s), just a year after his reelection, you’d think he might remain in DC and work on solutions. Actually, the best approach might be to tell the truth, but nah, that ain’t gonna happen.

So instead the Obama administration will demonize the private insurance industry and force their hands. As reported in the Wall Street Journal, State insurance commissioners in blue states – starting with California – are being utilized to pressure insurance companies to delay cancellations.

What is absurd is that these private sector insurance agencies are simply responding to the onerous mandates issued from the Obama administration within the Affordable Care Act. In other words, the market reacted to the policies of Obamacare, which is no different from the market reacting to Jimmy Carter’s Community Reinvestment Act.

Instead of admitting Obamacare is a flawed policy that needs to be reexamined, the progressive socialist way is to force the issue with a sledgehammer. They’ll force the issue by attacking the 5% of the population who does not deserve to choose its own healthcare plan, because according to the government, these folks not competent enough to know what’s best for them.

It’s the law… it’s the law… it’s the law.

But only because of: It’s the lie… it’s the lie… it’s the lie.

If an insurance salesman in the private sector had made an identical promise to you about what he was selling, he would be charged with criminal fraud. It’s time to apply those same laws to politicians!

Barack Obama is guilty of criminal fraud against the American people. That has nothing to do with the color of his skin, but with the wretched content of his character.