Free Our Marine from His Mexican Jail!

Millions of Mexicans have violated our borders, and our nation gives them housing, food, clothing, and (according to recent reports) voter registration cards; but one U.S. Marine crosses the border and he is kept in a Mexican jail for six months… and counting.

free tahmooressi

Oh, but he had guns, you say. Yes, I see. And Eric Holder sent thousands of assault rifles to Mexican drug cartels—weapons which have been used to kill countless Mexican citizens, and U.S. Federal Agents. How many months has he spent in jail?

I guess the President only saves his pen and his phone for “important” things, like egregiously violating the United States Constitution.

So we have to read in the Washington Times about these citizens taking heroic action that should not even be necessary: “Marine Corps vets walk 300 miles to tell Obama: Free Tahmooressi.”

Two former Marines — Lance Cpl. Terry Sharpe and fellow Marine Allen Brown — have taken their plea to free Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi to the streets, walking nearly 300 miles to Washington to petition President Obama in person.

They’re about 100 miles shy of hitting the capital city, they told Fox News’ Greta van Susteren.

Mr. Tahmooressi has been jailed in Mexico for months, after he claims he took a wrong turn and crossed the border with firearms — that he owned legally — in the trunk of his car. Under Mexico law, however, his firearms possession was illegal.

The Marines say Mr. Obama could easily press for his release, if he so chose.

“I want to tell the president to make that call — I’m bringing a phone to him,” Mr. Sharpe said from the road in Virginia, The Blaze reported. He also said that Mr. Obama ought to tell Mexican authorities to free Mr. Tahomooressi.

All it would have taken is one phone call from Mr. Obama, telling Mexico’s President that the next foreign aid checks had been tragically delayed and that corruptocracy would have found a way to release our Marine. Obviously our Commander-in-Chief doesn’t give a rip about those who have served.