Freedom of Religion in the Military – Use It or Lose It

How do you defend freedom—the freedom of religion or any other freedom? By exercising it—even at the risk of punishment.


The Founders risked everything—everything—to bring us the precious gift of civil liberties. Too many today won’t risk their job, pension, or even a promotion to stand for what’s right.

This Rear Admiral demonstrates true courage in publicly standing against immoral directives handed down to our military leadership. From the Political Insider: “BOOM! In Two Minutes, This Admiral Destroys Barack Obama’s Bible Control Plan.”

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As there are increased reports of a policy for courts martial over so-called proselytizing in the military, Coast Guard Rear Admiral William D. Lee spoke out against President Barack Obama and his anti-Christian administration. If you want to see one speech which exposes that shameful policy, this is it!

Watch (above) as Lee recalled giving a Bible to a distressed serviceman who had previously tried to kill himself.

Yet, if I do something, such as I did several weeks ago when I was looking into the face of a young man, 20-something years old, who had 18 months before put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger and survived, when I looked at that young man and I heard his story, the rules say send him to the chaplain. My heart said, give this man a Bible.


“The higher you are, the more vulnerable you are to being taken down. You get in the cross hairs of those people who lay and wait outside the gate, waiting to take us to task for expressing our faith for so much as whispering to a young man who is on his last hope that ‘there is hope. Take it home. We can talk about it if you want.’ The lawyers tell me that if I do that, I’m crossing the line. I’m so glad I have crossed that line so many times.”

Kudos, sir. Thank you.