From “Hope and Change” to “Revenge”

In 2008, Barack Obama pushed “Hope and Change.” Not a bad slogan until we all found out what he hoped to change: more taxes, an economic policy that’s strangling our economy, control of our healthcare, liberal Supreme Court judges, redefining marriage, full support of abortion, unconstitutional Executive Orders by the truck load, trampling on religious rights, diminished support for our international interests, seeming indifference to radical Islam’s terrorist agenda, and too much more to list here.

Now that President Obama could be on the verge of losing the election, he’s trying to energize his base with a possible preview of what’s in store for the nation. At a campaign rally in Springfield, Ohio, President Obama told the crowd that booed when he mentioned Mitt Romney, “Obama said, “No, no, no. Don’t boo, vote. Voting is the best revenge.”

Revenge? Revenge for what? Against whom? What is he planning?

He wants four more years to do what hasn’t worked for the past four years. Even so, the election is a tossup in most states. Liberals have accomplished what they set out to do. Create a perpetual dependent class of voters that they can count on in every election no matter how bad the economy is. This is a frightening prospect. If Obama and the Democrats can’t be defeated on Tuesday considering what the President has done to our nation in the past for years, we are in deep, deep trouble.

The revenge could be two more Supreme Court justices. Higher taxes on the most productive job creators in the nation, further restraints on personal freedoms and religious rights, more stimulus spending that will further dilute the value of our money with the result that prices will rise in an inflationary spiral, continued racial division and talk of class warfare, and an appeal to “equality” that could decimate the middle class.

Another four years of Obama will be a political war. Hopefully the revenge factor will not lead to anarchy and violence. There’s already talk of reprisals if Obama loses. What might happen if he wins? Will his victory incentivize some to take material revenge? Will we see people involved in more crimes against property owners?

Then there’s the revenge that’s possible by elements in our very liberal Statist bureaucracy. The revenge may have already started with the EPA no matter who wins tomorrow:

“On the eve of the 2012 election, more than 50 of President Obama’s EPA staffers are crashing to finish new greenhouse gas emission standards. The rules would make the construction of new coal-fired power plants nearly impossible. A government-imposed switch from coal to other forms of energy would cost the economy about $700 billion over several years, according to the Manhattan Institute.

This may be only the beginning of the coming revenge.