Frostbitten Girl: How Totalitarianism Will Make You A Crueler Version Of Yourself

The saying in some exercise circles is that you can become a stronger version of yourself. And it is true that if you do the exercises, and regularly immerse yourself in an environment dedicated to exercise, barring injury, you will tend to become a stronger version of yourself.

Likewise, if you live in a cramped isolation chamber, you will degenerate.

Sometimes chambers are constructed not by literal walls but by rules. Thus, CBS Minnesota:

A ninth-grader says she has frostbite after standing outside for 10 minutes in a wet bathing suit during a fire alarm.

It happened around 8:30 a.m. Wednesday at Como Park High School in St. Paul. Fourteen-year-old Kayona Hagen-Tietz says she was in the school’s pool when the fire alarm went off.

While other students had gotten out earlier and were able to put on dry clothes, Hagen-Tietz said she was rushed out with just her towel.

On Wednesday morning, the temperature was 5 below, and the wind chill was 25 below.

“So the alarm went off, and I thought it was like just a drill, like: Do I  have to go outside?” Hagen-Tietz said. “And then he was like no, we usually don’t have fake ones in the winter.”

Hagen-Tietz says she and the another student were rushed out by the teacher. Her classmate had clothes by the pool, hers were in her locker. So she grabber her towel and went outside.

“As soon as they’d seen her outside in her swimsuit, soaking wet and barefoot, they should have done something,” said Eva Tietz, Hagen-Tietz’s mother.

A teacher eventually gave Hagen-Tietz a jacket, and one of her friends gave her a sweatshirt to wrap around her feet.

But due to school policy, she wasn’t allowed to sit in a faculty-member’s car.

“We kind of huddled up and made a circle around me, and the other kids who were cold,” Hagen-Tietz said.

Eventually, a teacher did get permission to allow Hagen-Tietz and her classmate to sit inside her car.

But by that time Hagen-Tietz had already stood barefoot and wet for 10 minutes in some of the coldest conditions of the year.

Hagen-Tietz mom then picked her up and took her to the doctor, who determined she has frostbite on her feet.

“If I had a fire and brought my children out in that condition, you know, I’m sure I would be charged in some way or another if I didn’t instantly bring them into a neighbor’s house or someplace else,” Tietz said. “The ultimate goal is to keep them safe and protect your children, and, in this instance, they did a really poor job.”

Totalitarianism makes people into a crueler version of themselves.

Adults have been protecting children from frostbite for thousands of years. How did they do it? They did it autonomously. They did it by thinking about reality and taking action without regard for a bunch of rules.

The response of the school would be comical if the situation were not so serious:

In a statement, St. Paul Public School officials said they continue to work with the St. Paul Fire Marshal to regularly review these procedures, including cold weather modifications, and they will make any changes based on their recommendations.

Got that? Inflicting frostbit on a teen girl proves that we have to make up more rules. Now instead of the regular page of rules for students, teachers, fire alarms, fire drills, and cold weather, we will have a new subsection added to address this particular instance. Then the school will wait for the next piece of idiocy that hurts a student and, after all the relevant bureaucracies meet together, the powers that be will amend and expand the policy manual yet again.

That is a stupid way to live.

Yet we actually think that this environment is good for the education of children.

Yes, if you want to raise up a zombie army of mindless drones it is the perfect place.