Funding Business By Putting Our Children In Hock

Welfare—i.e., government stealing from some to give to others—provides the lifeblood of politics: campaign donations and votes. The large numbers go to the donors, and the crumbs from the table go to the faithful, but mindless voting blocs.

From McClatchy DC:

The railroad industry brags in its national publicity campaign that it spends billions of dollars improving its infrastructure “so taxpayers don’t have to.”

But the ads don’t tell everything. The nation’s freight rail network has been the quiet recipient of more than $600 million in federal investment during the Obama administration.

According to Federal Railroad Administration numbers, at least half that amount has gone to projects that benefit the nation’s four largest railroads, the same companies at the heart of the industry’s ubiquitous “Freight Rail Works” campaign.

That doesn’t even include tens of millions more that states have contributed for additional investment in ports and high-speed passenger trains that’s boosted the nation’s freight railroads.

The public dollars have built new overpasses to separate trains from one another, as well as cars and trucks. They’ve replaced aging bridges, laid new track and upgraded signal systems. They’ve paid to enlarge tunnels and raise bridges so that shipping containers may be double-stacked. They’ve built new facilities where cargo containers can be transferred from trucks to trains, or vice versa. […]

While its passenger rail improvements have been mired in controversy and delays, many of the freight rail investments begun under the economic stimulus of 2009 are at or near completion. The White House is eager to show the results.

Until Americans are convicted by the immorality of using government to steal from their neighbor to benefit themselves, we will continue down the path of increasingly brutal and rancorous politics, which will likely lead to either an all-out Police State, or another Civil War—or both.

Keep taking those short-term checks, my fellow Americans. It’s only the blood of your children and grandchildren you’re drinking with every deposit.