Gabby Giffords With An AR-15

Last week, we reported on Gabby Giffords’ husband Mark Kelly purchasing an AR-15, a semi-automatic handgun and also a “high-capacity” magazine. When this news leaked out, Kelly claimed that he only purchased these items to make a point and that he didn’t intend on keeping them. His point being that it’s too easy to purchase guns, and even when purchasing a semi-automatic rifle, the background check takes only minutes. He used his demonstration as reason for getting rid of the gun show and private seller “loophole.”

Who knows why he really bought the guns. Maybe he really was trying to demonstrate a point. Or perhaps he just wanted to buy a couple guns for himself, and he got caught and had to play it off. Since we know that these “assault” rifles are like child pornography according to Feinstein, maybe his purchase would be like a public figure buying child porn to prove how easy it is. I think most people would be naturally suspect of any politician who bought child porn even if after the news leaked, he explained that it was just to “make a point.”

But it turns out, Mark Kelly isn’t the only gun-grabber in favor of arming himself and not others. After news of Kelly’s gun purchase was publicized, an October of 2010 photo of Gabby Giffords surfaced showing her holding an AR-15. A source provided the photo to Breitbart News who confirmed with Arizona law enforcement that the photo was authentic.

The source stated that Giffords wanted the photo to “toughen her image.” The anonymous source who provided the photo was there at the gun range when the photo was taken. He stated:

 “We were told she wanted to toughen her image. She asked to come out and she wanted to shoot a rifle. She had one of our guys out there to show her how to shoot an AR-15.”

 So, it was purely for political reasons that she had the photo taken. Her husband had his excuses for buying guns that he claims to be against, and Giffords has her excuses. On her Facebook page, she responded to the publishing of the photos, saying she was only supporting our troops and law enforcement:

 “My work as Southern Arizona’s Congresswoman frequently put me in close contact with some of the world’s most powerful and deadly weapons – supporting police departments, advocating for the Border Patrol, standing up for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan… As a member of the House Armed Services Committee, I proudly spent a lot of time with our military, border patrol and state and local law enforcement…. I fought to make sure they have the weapons and safety gear needed to carry out their mission…”

 A mere 2 or 3 months after her AR-15 photo op, she was shot by Loughner with a handgun, and since then has been campaigning for an assault weapons ban and making sure guns don’t end up in the hands of those with mental problems. Unfortunately for her, the brain damage caused by her head injury has rendered her mentally and physically unfit to own any kind of firearm. Yet she and her husband say they are proud gun owners. If they’re really serious about keeping guns out of the wrong hands, they should be the first ones to relinquish their 2nd Amendment rights.