Gabby Giffords Is A Willing, Subservient Tool

Can I just say that please? I need to get that off my chest. It’s not the most sensitive thing to say, but it’s the most accurate thing to say.

Former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, a Democrat who got shot in the head by another Democrat and thankfully survived, has since been a most pitifully willing participant in the liberal media’s exploitation of her. The Democrats keep her in the quiver labeled “Emotional Appeal” and put her in their bow whenever the public starts to side with the logical, reasoned arguments of the Republicans.

Giffords retired from Congress to devote the rest of her taxpayer-funded life to the cause of being used. That’s it: being used. And against the taxpayers, ironically. It seems as though she sits around her phone all day (paid for with her government checks), waiting for CNN or ABC to call her up with an urgent request that probably goes something like this:

“Gabby, it’s getting rough out there. People still want to keep their guns. Can we trot you out again for a jarring interview with us this evening, live? Yes, there will be food in your dressing room. Hm, what’s that? Oh, no, you don’t need to bring eye drops. We’ll have some onion oil here to rub under your eyes before we start rolling. You’ll tear up just fine. And you better, because that emotion is what’s going to make or break our plans.”

The latest spectacle occurred on Sunday, when Giffords was awarded the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award. In presenting the award, President Kennedy’s daughter Caroline said, “Gabrielle Giffords has turned a personal nightmare into a movement for political change.” (That’s called exploitation, Caroline.) “Her work is saving lives and sparing countless families from the pain and loss caused by gun violence.”

Uh-huh, okay, but where’s the courage come in? I’d like to quote President Obama here: “I dare you to try harder.” Because if that’s it, that’s pathetic. In what way is it courageous to turn oneself into a paid victim, as opposed to getting a real job, and stand before the public to recite an opinion that the near entirety of the news media agrees with and will happily, eagerly push for you? Where’s the bravery? Giffords’ only opposition is American citizens (who have so little power as it is that their, our, opposition may as well not even be there), and a handful of constitution-based organizations, each of whose messages amount to nothing more than “leave us alone.”

How courageous to voice opinions endorsed by the establishment and popular culture!

But seriously, leave us alone.