Not a Gay Bar But Wrong to Discriminate?

Our neighbors to the north are known for being open-minded, so it was big news when two men were kicked out of a trendy restaurant in Montreal, which was not a gay bar, after publicly displaying their affection. Witnesses claim there were many drunken couples in the bar who were being openly affectionate but the two men were the only ones kicked out because they were not heterosexual.

Let the Gays Eat Cake

Oddly, though, one of the men seems to have expectations that a bar might actually have rules of conduct, no matter how arbitrary. According to CTV News,

The incident happened at a busy hot spot in Montreal’s Latin Quarter, Bar Saint-Sulpice, where medical students from the Universite de Montreal were holding an orientation party Friday night.

Gabriel Dion says everyone in the bar was drunk and several couples were kissing. But he says, while most of the couples were left alone, he was singled out for kissing another man.

“We started making out, and hugging each other and that’s it,” he told CTV Montreal.

Dion said he and the man moved into a stairway for privacy.

“We definitely know some people are not comfortable with that, especially in a straight bar, so we tried to be as discreet as possible. But then a security guard came in and just told us to leave,” he said.

Wait! Are you telling me that there are “straight bars” and, therefore, “gay bars”? Is that allowed?

I wonder if heterosexual kissing couples are welcome in gay bars. If heterosexual couples displayed the same kind of behavior, I suspect they might feel they were “disrespected,” just like Dion complained.

Dion claims it was “prejudice” but he doesn’t explain why such a word would be appropriate. How did anyone show prejudice? An easier explanation would be that most heterosexuals think guys making out with other guys is about as erotic as a bee sting. It kills the mood. While I don’t approve of the bars catering to public foreplay, that seems to be their business model. So they didn’t want their customers leaving to find a less disgusting venue.

Of course, they claim that the “couple” was blocking the fire escape.

This reminds me of the “Bear” bar in Denver that caters to hyper-masculine perverts but turned away a homosexual transvestite. The bar claimed they did it because this man did not match his picture on his driver’s license. The civil rights masters of the state refused to believe them.

So which is it? Are we allowed lifestyle freedom in public with various establishments catering to our chosen identities? Or is all that supposed to be suppressed?