Gender-Neutral Housing and Restrooms at a University

Transgenders allegedly need gender-neutral housing and restrooms so a University is providing them.

Missouri University, or Mizzou as it is affectionately known in this state, has decided that certain students need a “safe space” because otherwise they will feel unsafe. As the headline from states, “Mizzou to implement gender-neutral housing, restrooms.”

Why? Transgender oppression, of course.

Frankie Minor, director of MU Residential Life, says the push for gender-neutral environments at MU began in 2013. But it wasn’t until last summer that it was approved, after the University of Missouri System added gender expression and gender identity to its non-discrimination statement.

“What we’re trying to do is create a safe space for a group of students who reported the highest level of unsafety or are feeling less safe on our campus,” Minor says. “And again, we’re not requiring any student to live there.”

The group Minor is referring to includes transgender or gender-nonconforming students. In the past, Minor says housing agreements let students note if they needed accommodations for gender identity or exploration. And transgender students said they were harassed and intimidated while using bathrooms that were either designated “male” or “female.”

I guess if we are going to pretend that “transgender” is something other than a psychological delusion that needs to be cured, this is the best way to go about it. Providing these people their own bathrooms leaves the non-delusional people alone to live their lives without having the opposite gender insisting on using your restroom and claiming to be “harassed and intimidated” when you object.

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The good news about these bathrooms is that, from the description in the story, they are simply private bathrooms with locking doors, not public restrooms with rows of stalls or urinals. There is pending Missouri legislation that might stop “unisex restrooms” but I don’t see much need to worry about it in this case if the description is true.

The housing seems more problematic:

As for College Avenue Hall’s gender-neutral housing, students of all genders or who are gender-nonconforming will have the option to live together in the same room or suite.

Minor says, as of right now, only two out of a maximum of 16 residents have signed up to live on the gender-neutral floor, but students can sign up until July. If there is a greater need, he says Residential Life will reevaluate and add more suites in the future.

This housing option, Minor says, will not only benefit the LGBT community but also relatives or best friends who want to live together.

And those are not the only potential roommate combinations.

“We knew that there was the possibility that a heterosexual couple might sign up for this,” Minor says. “That’s why, in the statement, we say we’re not saying you can’t do that.”

Minor says MU Residential Life will not ask students why they want to live in the gender-neutral housing or ask them to disclose their gender identity.

So transgender political correctness may circle around to allow old-fashioned heterosexual immorality. Not surprising.