George W: Country Doesn’t Like Dynasties. Does Jeb Know?

George W. Bush won’t be campaigning for his brother because voters don’t like dynasties. But doesn’t that apply to Jeb running?

Someone explain to me how this makes sense. If they know it will hurt for George W. Bush to work to help Jeb Bush, then why don’t they realize that voters aren’t going to like Jeb? It is not as if he can make us forget his last name.

Consider this Washington Post headline: “George W. Bush, saying voters do not like dynasties, plans to stay off campaign trail.”

Former president George W. Bush plans to stay off the 2016 campaign trail as his younger brother prepares to mount a presidential bid, telling a group of Republican Jewish donors here that he does not want to fuel an anti-dynastic backlash.

At a closed-door dinner Saturday night before nearly 800 members of the Republican Jewish Coalition, the 43rd president noted that it could hurt former Florida governor Jeb Bush if he campaigned alongside another Bush who served in the White House, according to several attendees.

“He said that one of the challenges his brother is going to have is that the country doesn’t like dynasties,” recalled David Volosov, a RJC member from Silver Spring, Md. “People are going to say, ‘Oh, here comes another Bush.’ His response is that he is going to stay as far away as he can. He is going to stay away from the whole process.”

“He basically said that his brother is going to have some issues with the name ‘Bush’ to contend with,” said Lisa Karlovsky of Scottsdale, Ariz.

This is a lot more realistic than claiming that Jeb Bush should run because of who his father and brother are, but how can George W. Bush’s decision to campaign or not campaign for Jeb make any difference? Jeb’s last name will be on the ballot. People will know where he came from.

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If George W. Bush holds back during Jeb’s campaign, everyone will know he is doing so to avoid reminding them of how much they hate dynasties. And why would there be any danger of that? Because Jeb’s campaign is obviously dynastic!

The reasons George W. Bush gives for not campaigning for Jeb sound like good reasons to believe it is unlikely Jeb will win the Presidency.