German Government Report Says To Kill Green Subsidies

Too bad the NSA won’t listen to this. The Feds could learn some wisdom from Germany on this issue.

The boom days are over for Europe, and more crises are on the horizon. What happens when booms go bust is that people realize that the money is going to be difficult to get and to keep. The projects you once thought were worth the cost suddenly look deeply stupid as an item on your shrinking budget.

So as Germany faces a tightening economy, the German government starts to become more sensible. If only we could expect the U.S. Government to follow their example!

From the Daily Caller:

A recent government report is urging the complete abolition of the country’s Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG), which imposes hefty taxes on families and businesses to subsidize green energy production.

The annual report from the Expert Commission on Research and Innovation (ECRI) concluded that Germany’s green energy law is not a cost-effective way to fight global warming and does nothing to stimulate technological innovation.

“For both reasons, therefore, there is no justification for the continuation of the EEG,” reads the commission’s report, which will be shown to Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday.

The German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) reports that the ECRI lists a number of reasons for their wanting to abolish the country’s green subsidies: “There is the spiraling cost of 22 billion euros in green energy subsidies last year; there is also the over-estimated impact of climate change and especially the threat posed by the promotion ‘very low technology-specific innovation impact in Germany’.”

Germany’s green energy law subsidizes the sale of electricity from renewable energy sources, like wind and solar, by levying a tax on people’s power bills. The idea is to help spur innovation in the green energy sector, but such subsidies incentivize companies to “exploit market potential rather than invest in research and development” reports FAZ.

”The EEG can not be justified in its current form, not least from the perspective of innovation policy,” ECRI notes. “The Renewables Energy Sources Act does not produce any additional climate protection but it makes it much more expensive.”

What? Green energy doesn’t help the problem and it makes vital products more expensive for the average German consumer? I thought, especially with Obamacare, that those issues were features, not bugs, as far as politicians are concerned.

So for all its interventionism and its hatred of homeschooling, the German government is still not as blinded by ideology from doing cost-benefit analysis. At least it is capable of doing so when it knows the economy is bad.

The German government doesn’t seem to hate the German populace as much as the people in power in our Federal Government hate the American people.