German Voters Moving Rightward Due to Muslim Immigration

The political establishment is losing the confidence of German voters as they watch their country being stressed by foreigners.

A recent story in the Telegraph makes inquiring minds wonder if the way the country is receiving immigrants is going to substantially change the behavior of German voters: “Migrant dispute between conservative parties ‘pushing Germans to far-Right’

Disputes between Germany’s two ruling conservative parties over the migrant crisis is jeopardising the government’s ability to act and pushing people towards far-Right parties, the country’s vice chancellor has warned.

As you can tell by what comes next, these “ruling conservative parties” are not that conservative at all.

Sigmar Gabriel, leader of the Social Democratic Party (SPD), the junior partner in the coalition government, has criticised the growing conservative bloc infighting over the migrant influx as “irresponsible” following frequent clashes between Angela Merkel and Horst Seehofer, the leader of the Bavarian sister party. 

The German chancellor, leader of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), has angered Mr Seehofer, who heads the Christian Social Union (CSU), with her open-door policy and her repeated claims that Germany can cope with the estimated 800,000 to one million asylum applications it expects by the end of this year.

Mr Gabriel said that strife between the conservative parties was creating even more uncertainty in Germany as fears grow that the country cannot cope with the new arrivals. 

“This form of blackmail and insults from both sides is undignified and simply irresponsible,” he told German news magazine Spiegel Online on Friday. 

“The dispute between Horst Seehofer’s CSU and the CDU chairman Angela Merkel would already seem bizarre at normal times.”

Mr Seehofer, whose state of Bavaria is the entry point in Germany for many of the migrants, has threatened unspecified consequences if Mrs Merkel does not take concrete steps to stem the flow of thousands of refugees entering Bavaria via Austria.

All of this is driving German voters to the “right,” a word that is left vague. I think we are supposed to fear it includes Naziism or something close to it.

It seems more likely to me that Germany is facing its own version of Donald Trump verses the establishment Republicans. I wonder if the reaction will make a difference or if it will be too little too late. (I wonder the same thing about us.)