Germany Guilty of Terrorism?

Last week, I shared with you the terrifying experience of Wunderlich family in Darmstadt, Germany.  Early in the morning just as their four kids were starting their school lessons, twenty police and government agents armed with assault weapons and battering ram appeared at the family’s home with a court order to take the kids by force if necessary.  Social workers that accompanied the police took custody of the Wunderlich children and informed the parents that there was no telling when they might see their kids again, if ever.

The last I heard, the four Wunderlich children are now wards of the German government and are being held at undisclosed locations.  Dirk and Petra have been told by government officials that they will not be seeing their children anytime soon.

What horrific crime had the parents, Dirk and Petra committed to have their family ripped apart with the threat of assault weapons?  They were homeschooling their children!

In 1938, Adolf Hitler established a law requiring all German children to attend state run public schools to insure that the kids would be properly indoctrinated with the Nazi fascist philosophy.  That law has never been repealed.  Now that Germany seems to be leaning towards socialist politics, Hitler’s anti-homeschool law is being enforced, with force if necessary.

The actions of the German authorities are being described by some as an act of terrorism committed on its own people.  Hundreds of people began posting charges of terrorism on the Facebook page for the German Embassy in Washington DC.  Some of those comments read:

“Mark Romanowitz: Unbelievable. This could reasonably be viewed as terrorism by the state against its own citizens – something I know you yourself would decry and condemn in any other nation on this earth.”

“Fights for freedom in matters of faith and conscience are not new to Germany. I invite you to remember the courageous Martin Luther … a man who stood up for what was right, following his faith in God, rather than the precepts of men.  This is a man I know your nation is justifiably proud to have sired. Be the Germany you know you should be and release these children to their parents to pursue a quality education as their parents, who are the rightful determinants of their children’s education, see fit, rather than go back to that shameful era some 70 years ago where people were persecuted, forcibly removed from their homes, and even killed due to their faith and heritage.”

I went to the German Embassy’s Facebook page to read more comments and found this post by Bob Schmitt:

“And now it appears that many of the comments (hundreds, at least) regarding the Wunderlich kidnapping have disappeared from this page. Sieg Heil!”

“Are there any techies out there archiving these posts?”

“It seems that the only comments that remain are those directly made under a post by the German embassy itself. And I just found by trying to post this, that it is now impossible to post other than as a response to a post by the German embassy!”

“Shameless government tyranny – no pretense of free speech here.”

I did find one more recently posted comment by John Leyzorek:

“Mein Herr Ambassador Peter Ammon:”

“I write to express grief and outrage at your country’s invasion of the home of the Wunderlich family and kidnap of their children. I have awoken from a pleasant dream to a real nightmare: the Nazi era has never ended in your country!”

“WHATEVER anyone may think about the ideal structure of societies, trespass on a non-violent private home and on the sacred relationship of parents and children can NEVER be justified.”

“I pray and urge that your country will wish to rejoin the decent commonwealth of humanity, and immediately return this family’s children to their parents.”

“With horror, compassion, and rage,”

“John Leyzorek”

I would encourage everyone to flood their Facebook page with charges of terrorism and violating their international agreements that affirm a parent’s right to homeschool their children.  To this I have added my own post on the German Embassy Facebook page, but I have no idea how long it will remain as they seem to be deleting all of the negative comments and charges of terrorism.

“Ambassador Ammon:”

“I have been following the cases of the Wunderlich and Romeike families and how the German government is persecuting them because they desire to homeschool their children.  Based on an archaic law passed by Hitler in 1938, your government used far too much force when confronting and seizing the Wunderlich children.  The actions of the police, government agents and the judge who signed the order, amount to an act of terrorism against the Wunderlich family and the German people in general.”

“Germany has signed international human rights treaties that recognize and grant parents the right to provide an education distinct from the public schools.  These human rights treaties allow parents the right to educate their children in accordance to their religious beliefs.  Germany’s actions against the Wunderlich and Romeike families are a direct violation of these treaties.”

“To the rest of the world these actions lead us to believe that your government will soon be displaying the swastika and returning to Hitler’s fascist ways.”