Get ’Em Young: Obama’s Plan for Universal Preschool

Since the recent State of the Union address, President Obama has been touting his proposal to offer free preschool to everybody.

The White House cites studies that claim all manner of benefits to sticking young children into the zoo early on, including later “success.” And Obama claims one of his main motivations is to close the test score “achievement gap” between poor and rich kids.

It’s evidently never too early to begin class warfare, which leads us into some other issues about this whole notion of preschool.

Preschool is billed as preparation for kindergarten and sold to parents as an opportunity for essential socialization of children.

Experience suggests reality is other than what the public is being sold.

Preparation for kindergarten? Like without intensive studying, children might not be able to grasp the difficult concepts of counting or macaroni art?

Socialization,too, is one of those buzz words used to sucker parents into doing what some bureaucrat insists is best for the children. Many a young parent has been conned with images of warpainted kids running amok if they don’t put them into the government-sanctioned hands of strangers for five hours a day, whether Mommy needs to go to work or not.

I’m sorry, but I’ve seen preschools. You’d be better serving your child by leaving him tied to a stake in the backyard with a bowl of water and some kibble than by letting him near some of the hellspawn that are enrolled in preschool.

The only real “success” to come out of the majority of preschools is in serving as a petri dish for exotic diseases that your babe will proudly bring home and share with you.

It only takes an average of two seconds’ exposure to a group of preschoolers to cause the typical adult’s immune system to crash and burn.

As for those supposed educational successes, many of them are sitting in the nation’s prisons because they never learned not to steal or sell drugs, but they can fingerpaint up a storm.

If you truly want to give your child an educational head start, turn off the TV and make him crack a couple of books every week.

The real reason for promoting universal preschool should be obvious.

Besides serving as yet another excuse to raise taxes, preschool is the first real opportunity government has to indoctrinate young children by exposing them to ideas like Timmy having two daddies, the Pilgrims being illegal aliens, the Founding Fathers being terrorists and free condoms.

The world would be a better place if the kids could just stay home with their parents.