Get Ready for Amnesty Hurricane to Try to Blow Open “’Window” This Summer

This AP story is interesting, even though it is loaded with propaganda.

Advocates for immigrants living in the U.S. illegally are mounting a final push to persuade the House to pass immigration legislation this summer, seeing one last window to act that will soon slam shut for good.

If they don’t succeed by August, most say any chance of legislation will be over for the year, and all eyes will be on President Barack Obama to see if he acts on his own to curb deportations and accommodate some of the 11.5 million people here illegally.

The renewed focus on the GOP-led House comes amid chatter that immigration legislation — all but left for dead at the beginning of this year — is showing faint glimmers of life. Advocates point to recent comments by a handful of House Republicans, among them Speaker John Boehner, indicating an interest in getting it done.

So, hopefully, if we can hold them off through the summer we will finally get them to shut up about amnesty. If the President commits yet another act of executive usurpation against the legislature, I can only hope that Congress finally acts against his crimes.

Of course, the real question for the Republicans should be, “Why do we suddenly have to act on immigration now?” This story assumes it is somehow paramount that it all be done this year.


The only possible reason I can see is that they want to make sure the law is something that the Democrats are able to influence. Once Republicans have both the Senate and the House they would be able to craft the law they want. AP simply pretends it is beyond dispute that the GOP would want a law made now under these circumstances instead of later.

Again, why?

Then there is this amazing lie:

And there is a small but vocal contingent among Republicans who oppose any effort at reform, and, egged on by some outside conservatives such as radio host Laura Ingraham, has vowed to take any step possible to oppose it.

No, the small but vocal contingent is Boehner and Ryan and a few other pro-amnesty Republicans. Polls show the majority of voters either don’t care about immigration reform or else oppose it. It is crazy to pretend that collaborating with Democrats over amnesty will not cost Republicans in the mid-term elections.