Why Do We Get Such Stupid Evolutionary Explanations For Male Whoredom?

I’ve seen this before. So have you. It is said all the time. But just so we have the idiocy before us in all its glory, here it is on the Fox News website:

Men most often regret not having sex with more people while women frequently regret having sex with the wrong partner, according to a recently released study.

The study from researchers at the University of Texas and University of California-Los Angeles aimed to show that the feeling of regret is part of the evolutionary process when it comes to reproduction, the University of Texas said on Monday.

For men throughout evolutionary history, every missed opportunity to have sex with a new partner is potentially a missed reproduce opportunity – a costly loss from an evolutionary perspective,” said Martie Haselton, a UCLA social psychology professor who worked on the study.

The three main regrets for men: being too timid to approach a possible partner, not being more sexually adventurous when young and not being more sexually adventurous in their single days.

The main regrets for women include losing their virginity to the wrong partner, cheating on a present or past partner and moving too fast sexually.

This is soooooo stupid. Pretend with me for a moment that some form of evolution is really true for the human race.

Are pregnant mothers just as capable of surviving in the last few months of pregnancy as they are at other times? Is it easy or risk-free for them to give birth by themselves? Are newborn children immediately able to walk and survive so that the mother can go back to acquiring food?


The only way the human race (or any alleged previous model that became what is now the human race) could survive and reproduce is if someone stayed with the pregnant mother to help her during pregnancy and then with mother and child after the birth. Children don’t reach maturity for several years, but they need food, shelter, and protection.

So what good does it do for the survival of the species if men have an instinct to impregnate and then abandon their mates? How does that increase the likelihood of their offspring growing up to reproduce? It doesn’t. A pregnant woman on her own is at a drastic disadvantage in the wild and so is a woman who is nursing a baby. Later, if she has several children of different ages, she is at an even greater disadvantage without someone to do some of the “heavy lifting” to feed the family.

So evolution explains nothing about why men would have different desires than women. Men who want to impregnate as many women as possible would actually be less likely to reproduce offspring who would survive to reproduce themselves.

What these studies of “regrets” are really measuring is how modern immorality has seduced men to be deeply selfish and exploitative. They actually feel like it is a personal failure to not have tried to attain more sex partners.

The issue is moral, not biological or evolutionary.