Girls Aborted in Greater Numbers than Boys, which Means Trouble is Coming

In several cultures there are more girls aborted than boys because sons are preferred. The U.S. may be causing a world crisis.

When they are not defending Planned Parenthood with fake journalism, NPR sometimes actually reports the news. Ironically, they occasionally even deal with the consequences of abortion: “Selecting Boys Over Girls Is A Trend In More And More Countries.”

As you read the article, you find that “selecting” is pretty much a euphemism for “not aborting” (which is ironic since “abort” is a euphemism for “kill”). It is true that the article does mention other ways in which a culture might contribute through neglect and disinterest to a slightly higher risk of death for girls during infancy and childhood. However, the article focuses on a change that is taking place:

Inexpensive blood tests that can determine the sex of a fetus as early as seven weeks have been developed. And countries around the world have imported ultrasound equipment. “Ultrasound is available even in very poor countries,” says [Valerie] Hudson [ professor in the Department of International Affairs at Texas A&M University]. “The Chinese government actually imported ultrasound machines mounted on carts in the 20th century, so that even the most remote village would have access to this technology.”

In 1995, only six countries had such a marked imbalance of boys to girls. Today, 21 countries have a skewed sex ratio favoring boys. The growth of gender imbalance in only two decades points to widespread acceptance of modern technology that can predict the sex of the fetus, according to Hudson.

Technology has enabled even the poorest of countries to bypass the natural gender balance. “It’s largely due to the abortion of females,” says Hudson.

Hudson goes on immediately to list other causes such as an alleged reluctance to take girls to a doctor, but that is really irrelevant. Those practices and the attitudes behind them were always distorting female survival rates, so they cannot explain the sudden increase in the imbalance.

Basically, the West’s promotion of “reproductive health” (abortion) is causing a shortage of women. This may have other really bad consequences all across the globe over the next generation.

The result of sex-selective abortions, infanticide and neglect of baby girls, according to the United Nations Population Fund, is more than 117 million “missing” females in Asia alone, and many more around the world.

And for every missing woman, there is a surplus man who will never establish a family. “Men are unable to marry,” Hudson says, and frustrated, single men are more likely get into trouble. “It leads to instability. In masculinized societies, there are issues such as rising violent crime rates, increasing rates of gang activity and rebel group activity, increasing prostitution and trafficking, and greater constraints on the movement of women.”

Planned Parenthood, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and other similar groups have led us into a dangerous world.

Is it really surprising that spreading an ethic of evaluating and killing unwanted children in the womb would have negative consequences above and beyond those homicides? God is not mocked.