Girls Told Wearing Rosaries Not Allowed in Public School

Are rosaries not allowed due to guilt by association or for secularist reasons or what?

When you read the headline, it sounds like a secular attack on Roman Catholics. It isn’t quite that bad, though it is even more stupid. From KOB4: “Farmington Schools: Rosaries ‘inappropriate’ at school, against dress code.”

For many, the rosary is a symbol of the Catholic faith. But one mom says her daughters are getting sent to the principal’s office just because they’re wearing theirs to school.

“She asked me, ‘do you know what the rosary means?” and I was like, ‘yeah, it’s something I believe in,” said Latanyia Clah. The eighth-grader at Tibbetts Middle School in Farmington says she and her sister Larissa started wearing their rosaries to school after their mom gave them as gifts for Christmas.

“They asked me if I sell drugs because I was wearing my rosary,” said Clah.

She says she would be sent to the office multiple times a day.

So we asked her if she sold drugs.


Does she do drugs?


Is she in a gang?


All were questions posed by school administration and all were answered in the negative.

All this caused emotional pain for Clah and frustrated her mother.

“It hurts inside, inside me, because they say things about my cross and my religion,” said Clah.

Her mother, Delphyina Clah, echoed similar sentiments. “It really upsets me,” she said.

But district officials say it is all part of keeping schools safe.

Safe from rosaries? They’re dangerous?

If gangs start wearing pocket protectors will all the nerds in school be sent to the principal’s office?

I have to wonder if the gang-membership explanation is a ruse. According to the story, the school consulted with a Catholic Priest before they told the girls the rosaries were inappropriate. Why? I saw a comment from a Roman Catholic that rosaries are not supposed to be worn as jewelry. I’m not Roman Catholic and am not sure it this is true, but why should it matter to the school?

Stimac says while there was no direct policy against rosaries, after consulting a local priest and finding a prevalence of gang members using rosaries as symbols, school administrators have the right to ask students to stop wearing them – or at least put them inside their shirt.

First of all, “the right to ask students to stop wearing them” is a euphemism for the authority to order students to stop wearing anything they want to prohibit as the mood strikes them. No need for a thought out policy in writing so that parents and students can know what to expect. School rulers (“officials” is another euphemism) just want their orders obeyed as they give them.

If these people worked at a private school, I think they would take the feelings of students and parents much more seriously.