Give a Cop a Break, Buy a Gun

A police officer from Miami has finally been fired after an investigation into evidence that he had been ignoring emergency dispatch calls to hang out with his girlfriend and drink coffee with his fellow citation-gifters. In Chicago recently, they found a way to get around this. They just told Chicago citizens they would not be responding to certain kinds of emergency calls, like for burglaries, car thefts, and break-ins (if no suspect was on the scene).

Miami and Chicago are high-crime cities. The police are probably very busy dealing with gang violence and shootings and all the rest. So certain calls aren’t high priority. Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said that the Chicago police now respond in person to 70% of emergency calls, as opposed to the lower 30–50% of other cities. Apparently, he would like to see Chicago’s response numbers go down to match other major cities.

This all sounds bad, and it may be bad. But my impression from my time in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago is that police officers there are so busy dealing with real stuff that they tend to leave law-abiding citizens alone. I grew up in a smallish town that was so safe, the police had little to do but pull over “suspicious drivers” (which meant teenagers and black people… sorry, it’s just the truth). They would pull you over, and within ten minutes two or five more patrol cars would show up. All of them would be antsy and ever-ready to pull their guns. It’s like they watched too many episodes of COPS and felt jipped when the job turned out to be rather boring. They pretty much did nothing but harass law-abiding citizens and give out citations that did nothing to make us any safer. We didn’t really need a police force, to be honest. Almost all of us owned guns and knew how to use them. The police existed to perpetuate their own existence. Which they did a good job of.

The situation is different in big cities though. The police are often necessary to prevent violent crime. And they’re even more necessary in cities with extremely strict gun control laws. From the sound of it, police forces in the big cities are being stretched thin. And stricter gun control laws aren’t going to make that any easier. The Chicago police basically just said burglars have free reign as long as they flee the scene as soon as they are discovered. This could be a good thing. Maybe it will wake some people up. If you’re not going to show when your citizens call, at least let them have guns to protect themselves. And, Chicago citizens, don’t be such cowering sheeple. Give a cop a break. Buy a gun.