Global Warming Alarmist Condemns Obama’s EPA Rules To Fight Global Warming


Environmentalism is about making money for the few at the expense of the many. But the Environmentalists can’t seem to get aligned on which cronies are their supporters and which are their victims.

This gets messy especially now that Obama is being pumped up as the dictator of the country. So one Washington Post blogger cheers:

A new report on climate policy, spearheaded by former Colorado governor Bill Ritter, confirms what we’ve been saying here for months: President Obama can take strong action on climate without needing Congress to do anything. That’s good news, because many Republicans don’t believe in climate change, and with them in control of the House, no climate bill is going to happen.

More important, little-noticed news from around the nation suggest that this agenda is not just in the planning stage moving forward, with a spate of mandated closings of the oldest and filthiest coal-fired power plants. That’s better news!

Yay to higher energy prices. Yay to the further impoverishment of the population as they take yet another hit from this administration. Yay to Obama doing it as a dictator.

So this can all be done because it is in the name of #SCIENCE!—which is objective and impartial and unrecognizable to Republicans (or real scientists)

But if the EPA is such a great asset for determining #THE-TRUTH! without fear or favor, then how, in the middle of Ritter’s report, does he throw EPA findings into the toilet?

Thanks to William Yeatman for the find:

Don’t gamble on uncertainties. Instruct agencies that in setting national priorities for energy resources generally and for transportation fuels in particular, the Administration will not rely on unproven or commercially unavailable technologies–for example, reducing the climate impact of a fuel with carbon capture and sequestration. One objective of setting performance-based goals rather than fuel-specific goals should be to avoid assumptions about unproven or insufficiently scaled technical fixes to GHG emissions.

Ritter is not here supporting the President. He is demanding a complete reversal on his part. The EPA is all about demanding “Carbon Capture and Sequestration.” They defend it as a viable technology that should be mandated.

Yeatman thinks Ritter is right and the EPA is wrong on this issue. So either the former Colorado governor is going to have to suddenly and quietly stop bashing the technology, or he and the Obama Administration are going to have an open fight.

But wait! I thought the EPA was an impartial organization with only environmental safety based on #SCIENCE! and #THE-TRUTH! as their only concern. If you are telling me they are pushing doubtful technology—which, count on it, will be putting millions or billions of dollars in some powerful Democrat supporter’s pocket—then aren’t you admitting that “Official Science” isn’t always trustworthy? If Ritter can bash the EPA about carbon capture why can’t Republicans bash the official theology of climate change.

If the priesthood is in a civil war, we’re going to have no choice but to think for ourselves.