As Global Warming Falls Apart, the Worshipers of Mother Earth Get More Shrill

The debate over Climate Change is far from over, in fact, the science continues to point in opposite directions. This report by the Weekly Standard, “Climate Cultists,” is yet another potent look at the false crisis being used to promote economic destruction, and tyrannical government power.

The IPCC’s latest report rates the confidence of our understanding of clouds and aerosols as “low,” and allows that it is possible that clouds could cancel out most of the warming effect of greenhouse gases. If anything, our uncertainty about future climate change has increased with each new IPCC report.

The IPCC modeling chapter, which virtually no reporter reads, is also candid in admitting that most of the models have overpredicted recent warming. …the biggest embarrassment for a supposed scientific “consensus” since Piltdown Man. …nearly all of the models failed to predict a “pause” of this length, and if the “pause” continues for another 5 to 10 years, all of the models will be falsified.


The environmental community is so deeply invested in looming catastrophe that it’s difficult to envision a scientific result that would alter their cult-like bearing. Rather than reflect, they deflect, blaming the Koch brothers, the fossil fuel industry, and Republican “climate deniers” for their lack of political progress. Yet organized opposition to climate change fanaticism is tiny compared with the swollen staffs and huge marketing budgets of the major environmental organizations, not to mention the government agencies around the world that have thrown in with them on the issue. …The total budgets for all of these efforts would probably not add up to a month’s spending by just the Sierra Club. And yet we are to believe that this comparatively small effort has kept the climate change agenda at bay. It certainly keeps climateers in an uproar.

It’s all based on an environmental orthodoxy that is closed-minded, and absolutely impervious to any fact that challenges the predictions of a coming apocalypse.