Global Warming Fundamentalists Will Not Let Freezing Evidence Shake Their Faith

Chris Mooney is working hard at Slate and HuffPo to convince readers that no mere winter storm polar vertex thing should shake their faith in Global Warming, nor any other instance of climate change scientists behaving like idiots..

Like most believers caught in a lie, he basically doubles down on arrogance and sneering. This works because he has chosen Donald Trump as his target (mentioning a few others after him), and most people assume that it is OK to feel intellectually superior to Trump. I would love to agree with that premise, but in fact, the Climate Change zealots are probably worse. Just because you have better hair doesn’t mean you are using what is under it any better than he does.

In a short piece, Mooney simply cherry picks from other sources what he believes supports him. But he ignores the “trends” that don’t fall into his model. Like the admitted “pause” in global warming that is only called a “pause” as part of baseless propaganda. The halt in global temperature increase is only a “pause” if we know the heating will resume. We only know the heating will resume by relying on models. But the models did not predict any halt so the models are inaccurate. We at least need new models that account for the pause and then explain a subsequent increase. That would still not be real science until we had evidence of actual trend lines, but it would at least show an acknowledgment of the issues.

Nor does Mooney deal with the constant false predictions given to us by what he tells us is “science.” As the person trying to convince everyone of a global pattern the burden is plainly on him to deal with all the evidence for and against his theory. He’d rather scoff and pontificate. I don’t assume this is due to any flaw in his personality. He really has no other recourse.

While Mooney will assert that one storm proves nothing, just like a tarot card reader has a “for entertainment purposes only” in most states, he doesn’t hesitate to use an anomalous storm to convince readers that Global Warming is a real threat—despite the fact that there is no trend in hurricane weather getting worse over the years.

Let me give you a tip about Mooney that will help you with Global Warming Catechizers in most cases. Mooney missed his calling to specialize in geometry or some schools of economics. He doesn’t understand empirical science at all.

It turns out that the case for human-caused global warming is based on simple and fundamental physics. We’ve known about the greenhouse effect for over one hundred years. And we’ve known that carbon dioxide is a heat trapping gas, a greenhouse gas.

So there you have it. You take a scientific “law” and you simply assert how it will affect the future. But are their no cooling effects in the atmosphere that might kick in? How do we know? When in fact greater carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is accompanied by no cooling at all, then we have evidence that the way our climate works is far more complicated. Mooney is spouting dogma, not empirical science.

Furthermore, Mooney isn’t even admitting the real culprit because CO2 doesn’t have the power to produce the forty-feet rise in the sea levels that he predicts. The theory is that an increase in water vapor causes more warming and thus begins the upward trend. But what if more water vapor causes other changes that tend to decrease global temperatures?

This mentality is why we get “science” by models from people who then refuse to admit how inaccurate they are.