The Global Warming Scam Is Taking More Heat: New Study

As you probably know, besides forcing same sex marriage down the throats of the nations (other than Saudi Arabia, which gets a free pass), the great priority of the State Department is to push the global warming scam. John Kerry flies around the world, spewing carbon, to lecture and lobby to get all the nations to cooperate in taxing efficient energy production.

None of the reasoning for this is based on real science, but on computer models of what is supposed to happen. A recent paper in the Journal of Environmetrics reports that those models have been more inaccurate that anyone has realized. According to the Daily Caller, the study indicates that the models are especially misleading for the temperatures in the tropical troposphere.

“Over the 55-years from 1958 to 2012, climate models not only significantly over-predict observed warming in the tropical troposphere, but they represent it in a fundamentally different way than is observed,” says Ross McKitrick, economist with the University of Guelph in Canada and co-author of the study.

According to McKitrick, all climate models predict that rising carbon dioxide levels will cause rapid warming in the troposphere over the tropics. But that’s not what has happened, as neither satellites nor weather balloons have detected much warming in the tropical troposphere — meaning something is likely wrong with the models.

It’s not only that the models overestimate the amount of warming in the tropical troposphere, it’s that the models misrepresent the warming by making it look like a “smooth upward trend.” But McKitrick says that observations show all the warming occurred in a “single step-change in the late 1970s coinciding with a known event (the Pacific Climate Shift), and identify no significant trend before or after.”


What this means is that tropical tropospheric temperatures were relatively flat before the late 1970s. Then, around 1977, temperatures jumped up slightly in a phenomenon called the Pacific Climate Shift. But after the climate shift, temperatures flattened out once again, showing little to no warming trend.

The Daily Caller points out that other studies have come to the same conclusion. Somehow these are never popularized, but ignored. In the meantime, the Great Lakes refuse to conform to the models, as does the growing Antarctic sea ice.

So the question is: Are we going to let the models lead us into economic ruin and poverty? Taxing carbon emissions can lead to no other outcome.