Global Warming Scientists On Expedition Bring Shotguns In Case Of Polar Bears

Any kind of global warming propaganda usually involves images of “cute and cuddly” polar bears. Warmists try to tug at people’s heartstrings by claiming all those polar bears are dying off because of global warming. One group called Polar Bear International summarized some of the alleged effects of global warming on these arctic beasts:

 “Effect on polar bears:  Polar bears rely on the sea ice to hunt, breed, and, in some cases, den. Changes in their distribution or numbers affect the entire arctic ecosystem. Scientists emphasize that we still have time to save polar bears if we significantly reduce greenhouse emissions within the next few years. Yet it will take 30 to 40 years for changes reversing the warming trend to show.”

So, these polar bears are nearly extinct because of all the greenhouse gases we’ve been permeating the atmosphere with over the past several decades. But an Irish-Canadian team of scientists have gone to the Artic and have armed themselves with shotguns to shoot polar bears in case they have encounters with them:

 “The crew will carry sound as well as rubber bullets to try to scare the bears off – with a shotgun as the last order of defense – in the event they are forced to beach and encounter an animal on land.”

 Now, contrary to the images associated with global warming propaganda, polar bears might look cute and cuddly (especially the cubs), but they are savage creatures. They range anywhere from 900 – 1,600 pounds and can be as long as eight feet. Since they have no natural predators, they are especially dangerous to humans, even though encounters with them are rare. As one member of the expedition said, “They are the only animal out there that will actively hunt down a human being.”

I have no problem with this group arming themselves against potential attacks from polar bears. But isn’t it a little funny that this group of global warming scientists is going on this expedition to document the atrocities brought about by “climate change” and will potentially kill polar bears while they’re there? If they end up actually killing one, they would have done more damage to the polar bear population than all the “climate deniers” put together.

And that’s another issue. The polar bear population. There’s no evidence that it’s dwindling, and if it is, that it has anything to do with “climate change.” In fact, some reports indicate that the population is rising, especially since hunting polar bears was globally outlawed in 1973. Except if you’re an Alaska Native, and you hunt polar bears for “tribal needs.” Or a “climate change” scientist trying to defend yourself from a polar bear attack. Don’t be surprised if these scientists end up killing a couple polar bears, snapping some photos of the deceased animals and blaming their deaths on global warming.