Global Warming Sends Us Another Cold Harsh Winter

Global warming sure has a funny way of … warming. Leading into the last winter, our weather “experts” predicted it would be mild. They were completely wrong and, because they had gone on record, they had to admit it. Of course, their admission ignored the herd of elephants in the room: the myth of global warming. It is patently obvious that climate predictions were based on a blind belief that weather should be getting warmer not colder.

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If these people were free of obstacles, they could keep up the global warming propaganda by claiming the last winter was a fluke and predicting that the next winter will be warmer. But they are obstructed by the fact that, if their predictions prove false, they will be shown to be fallible guides basing their predictions on a theory that has misled them for two years in a row.

Better to admit the truth and try to push the global warming scam in some other way. Thus, the Daily Caller reports, “More Harsh Winters Could Spell Disaster For The Electrical Grid.”

Joe Bastardi, chief meteorologist at WeatherBELL Analytics, told the Wall Street Journal Live that current weather patterns are “flowing along right now into the type of El Niño situation that is notorious for giving the United States cold, snowy winters, especially in the southern and eastern part of the United States, relative to the averages.”

Temperatures last winter set new record lows for huge swaths of the U.S. The stretch from December 2013 to February 2014 was the “34th coldest such period for the contiguous 48 states as a whole since modern records began in 1895,” reports the Weather Channel.

But the harsh winter did more than just chill the air, it sent demand for heat and power surging and brought the electrical grid to near its breaking point. Natural gas power plants lacked the supplies and infrastructure to keep the lights on and green energy was unable to generate power in fierce winter weather.

Bastardi noted that another harsh winter “would be significant because we were within one power plant last year of having the grid overload.”

“This year, if you get the kind of winter that we had in 2009-2010 or 2002-2003 with the nation’s grid on the ropes the way it is and some of these regulations that I hear about coming down that are supposed to close plants on January 1st… this could be a very, very big economic impact on the winter,” Bastardi continued. “And we’re very concerned about that.”

The only source of power able to meet the massive surge in electricity demand amid power supply struggles was coal. Last winter, coal provided 92 percent of the incremental electricity versus the same time the previous winter, according to Energy Information Administration data.

What an ironic situation. We have cut off our power capacity to prevent global warming. And now someone might freeze to death because the winters are going to be so cold. The problem is this: will the media correctly point the finger of blame? They obviously won’t if they think they don’t have to.

It is up to us to watch the weather and the power situation and loudly bring attention to Barack Obama and the EPA.