Why God Doesn’t Let Christians Have More Influence In The U.S. In Two Words: Left Behind

Christians are being “left behind”—mainly because they want to live in a fantasy rather than read their Bibles or prepare for the future.

I have written about how God has blessed us with tremendous Liberal failures. Despite “the giants in the land,” we have been handed an opportunity to gain victory. The future is ours to win…

Or to throw away.

A “Left Behind” producer and writer recently took on questions from fans of the upcoming end-times film and went on the defensive when he was asked if members of the cast, including lead actor Nicolas Cage, were “believers.” Some fans also expressed concern that an actual rapture could take place before the film’s 2014 release.

“Left Behind,” a remake of the 2002 movie of the same name headlined by Kirk Cameron, unfolds during the immediate aftermath of the sudden vanishing of millions of people from Earth. According to the book series, and many Christians, this rapture of believers occurs at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Cage, born Nicholas Kim Coppola, plays the lead role of pilot Rayford Steele in the apocalyptic film based on the bestselling book series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins.

What an impressive display of Christian intellectual power: we are driving a market for a story based on what amounts to an Evangelical urban legend.

By the way, if it was true that the movie posited that “this rapture of believers occurs at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ,” then it wouldn’t be so inaccurate. But the movie, like the book series, posits a seven year gap it calls the “Great Tribulation.”

The “pre-tribulation” “rapture” of the Church is why I have to listen to conservative secular talk radio rather than any news show on a Christian radio station. The analysis will start well with a discussion of our participation in homicidal crimes against the Church in Syria or some other important issue in the international scene… and then it will be diverted to a pointless discussion about the timing of the “rapture.”

Ugh. Stop it.

Virtually every single bit of bad news becomes evidence that all Christians are about to disappear from the earth. As you may have noticed, we’re still here. Yet Christians constantly forget their past false interpretations and posit new ones on the same basis. It is a pointless waste of time. The traditional and Biblical Christian doctrines of the Resurrection at the end of history and the Final Judgment are sufficient to witness to people about their need to repent and follow Jesus while they still have time. Adding an “any moment” rapture that hasn’t happened for thousands of years just makes Christians look stupid and diverts their attention.

Supposedly, the reason why God “raptures” Christians from the world is because he would never let them suffer in the “tribulation.” Go explain how that logic works to Christians being raped, tortured, and killed in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East right now. The teaching effectively means that wealthy, comfortable American Christians get rescued before anything really painful happens.

The texts used to “support” the rapture are painfully mis-interpreted. If anyone wants to read further on this topic, I suggest any one of several works: Is Jesus Coming Soon?, Last Days Madness, Why the End of the World is Not in Your Future, 10 Popular Prophecy Myths Exposed and Answered, Basic Training for Understanding Bible Prophecy (one of the actors in the original Left Behind movie series watched this video series and stopped believing in the premise of the story), Identifying the Real Last Days Scoffers, and Left Behind: Separating Fact From Fiction.