GoFundMe Discriminates for Nondiscrimination

GoFundMe cuts off donations for people being bankrupted for not baking wedding cakes for same-sex ceremonies called “weddings” by some people.

You may remember the outrage at Indiana for passing a religious freedom restoration law. Because the law allegedly allowed people to choose whether or not to serve a homosexual “wedding,” people organized boycotts of the entire state of Indiana–refusing to do business with a state that allowed people the freedom of refusing to do business.

So now we have the case of GoFundMe.

World Magazine reports, “GoFundMe’s ‘crowdfunding for everyone’ isn’t really for everyone.”

GoFundMe’s home page states its purpose in bold font: Crowdfunding for Everyone! But “everyone” doesn’t include people undergoing certain types of litigation. Over the weekend, GoFundMe shut down two campaigns raising money for two small businesses accused of violating state anti-discrimination laws. 

Sweet Cakes by Melissa in Oregon and Arlene’s Flowers in Washington both had a history of serving gay customers. But when they declined to provide services for same-sex weddings due to their religious convictions and referred the customers elsewhere, the couples sued. Friends started the campaigns on behalf of the store owners to help with legal expenses and potential monetary damages the states might order them to pay the gay and lesbian couples. 

GoFundMe’s “all-comers” policy appears authentic based on the nine campaigns featured on its home page, including several people needing money for medical expenses, a history teacher looking to update his classroom, a father desperate to hire an attorney to regain custody of his daughter, a young man taking in his teenage niece who is now a single mom, and a family whose mother was murdered, leaving her husband to raise three children alone. Individuals, groups, and organizations are invited to advertise their campaigns within more than 20 topics. The “faith” category lists a variety of causes from mission trips and adoption expenses to church planting and a denominational fight over a building.

But the appearance is deceiving. GoFundMe says that people being ripped apart for not wanting to participate in a same-sex “marriage” are not permitted to be given supporting gifts through the GoFundMe website.

I completely affirm GoFundMe’s authority to spell out who they will and will not serve in their fine print. But if they have the right to set policy with their own property, then why are others not permitted this same right of disposal of one’s own property and services?

Once again, we see the cultural left has no interest or understanding or desire for any kind of social order based on individual rights. Only people with the politically acceptable ideas get to discriminate against customers–the ones with the “wrong” ideas.

And Christians should be aware that we have entered the age of “public private partnerships” in building a totalitarian society. Businesses like GoFundMe are going to partner with the Leftists in possession of political power in order to try to harass Christians whenever they can.

If you are considering a GoFundMe campaign, you might consider whether you want to do business with them. That kind of discrimination is permitted, for now.