Are We Going to Fear Islam or Revere Jesus?

Muslims want us to fear Islam; so we need to mock it.

slander Islam

PJ media has a suggestion for yesterday: “It’s International Share a Picture of Muhammed Day, and Here’s Why #JeSuisCharlieHebdo.”

The goat-goading Muslim swineherds who emptied their AK-47 magazines into the bodies of French satirists today, send a message to you: Shut up. Sit down. Be afraid, and stand aside as we take over the world in the name of our slavemaster. Shaitan Akbar. Praise Satan. (I don’t care if they pronoun Shaitan as “Allah,” we all know whom they serve.)


An ancient Hebrew song says that when evil men rise up — men who think they’re gods, or who follow them – God mocks them.

He who sits in the heavens laughs;
the Lord holds them in derision.
– Psalm 2:4

And this is why we will not be afraid of the latest evil manifestation of the pig-god of the jihadists — the one that used to be called Beelzebub: the lord of the flies.

Therefore, we should and many already have, rejected the tyranny of Satan over us, even with the small gesture of sharing a picture of the Prophet Muhammed, whom Islamic jihadists worship as fervently as they do the nominal deity.

This sounds like a fine idea. But some people are so fearful of having their heads detached from their bodies, and concerned about keeping their bodies free from lead-drilled holes, that they refrain from speaking the truth about the evil that is Islam.

It’s pretty close to the same as what we saw from craven Republicans who voted for a certain Speaker of the House to avoid his wrath—when you don’t fear God, you end up fearing pathetic men and living in slavery to tyrants—physical and spiritual.

It’s simple historical fact: Allah was an ancient, false moon god of Arabs–he does not exist in reality. Muhammad was a blood-thirsty murderer who spilled the blood of countless people who wouldn’t bow to his madness. The “prophet” of Islam was a raging pedophile who forced one girl to marry him at age nine.

Yes, many Muslims today live in relative peace with their neighbors, but they follow Islam out of cultural allegiance, not fealty to the real Muhammad or because they read the book he penned called the Quran. Fact is, many “Muslims” are akin to a ton of modern “Christians” who are almost completely ignorant of the God and faith they profess to follow.

Decades of research and life goes into these proclamations: Islam is a false religion—under the control of Satan and expressing his hatred for truth and humanity. Christianity is true. It stands up to every question and investigation by those sincerely interested in knowing the truth and in being restored to an eternal relationship of love with their Creator.

A Christian who murders a fellow human betrays everything Jesus did and commanded. A Muslim who murders is merely following in the footsteps of his “god,” and the prophet who created that idol.

The paragraph above includes a strong challenge to any Christian who blindly supports drone-strikes that kill countless innocent Muslims in the name of the insane “War on Terror.” It is better to die unjustly in a future terrorist attack than to take part (or cheer on) the murder of a single innocent. You don’t confront terrorism by taking part in it.