The Good News Is That Harry Reid Tried To Claim That All Obamacare Horror Stories Are False; But There Is Better News…

Despite all that good news, there’s plenty of horror stories being told. All of them are untrue, but they’re being told all over America. –Harry Reid.

Harry Reid has a charmed job. He gets to constantly tell lies and know that the media will back him up. He can, for example, claim that Social Security is perfectly sound and accuse anyone who says otherwise of being “radical.”

So with Obamacare. He is not content to say we are better off with the law. He insists of the horror stories that “all of them are untrue.” Every one of them.

I’m curious how Reid would explain why anyone would believe these stories. If everyone is having a wonderful experience then why would they believe a bunch of “horror stories”? It seems to me that Reid wouldn’t need to work so hard denying them if they were so completely “untrue.”

In fact, if one knows that most voters hate Obamacare, then one can see Reid’s denials as good news. He is showing the electorate how out of touch the Democrats are. He is showing them that they don’t know how to deal with reality. They are in denial.

But there is better news.

The better news is that Reid realized his story wasn’t working and felt compelled to “explain” what he really means. From Fox News:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is being hammered by Republican lawmakers after he claimed on the Senate floor that all the ObamaCare “horror stories” being circulated are untrue.

Reid tried to clarify his remarks late Wednesday by saying he was only referring to the “vast majority” of stories featured in ads funded by Americans for Prosperity, a conservative group, and not the complaints of everyday Americans. However, he added fuel to the fire by continuing to slam the group’s backers, the Koch brothers, calling them “un-American.” 

Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips, in response, said Reid had effectively “attacked the character and integrity of every American who had the courage to share how they’re being hurt by the president’s health care law.” 

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., called Reid’s original remarks “astounding and offensive.” 

If Reid felt it necessary to reduce the scope of his definitive statement, “None of them is true,” then he must have realized his lies aren’t working. The American people know better. Resorting to calling the other side “un-American,” looks completely desperate.

And that’s great news!