GOP Is Blamed For The Democrats’ Voluntary Refusals?

An article for the AFP and posted at Yahoo demonstrates that Senate Democrats truly do not care about compromise (which is admirable, I have to say). From over the weekend:

“The House of Representatives approved a controversial Republican measure early Sunday that avoids a looming US government shutdown but delays President Barack Obama’s health care law for one year.”

Notice that the “Republican measure” is “controversial,” but the actual health-care law receives no such descriptor. What bias?

“The bill assures a stalemate with the Senate, whose Majority Leader Harry Reid said he would not pass legislation that defunded or delayed so-called “Obamacare,” and brings the federal government dramatically closer to its first shutdown in 17 years.”

In other words, if Reid receives a bill that offers a compromise—Democrats get to fund the entirety of the government if they’ll only delay Obamacare by a measly year—he admits he will flat-out reject it. Reid is saying that he would rather the government shut down than delay Obamacare’s full implementation. To blame this choice of his, and of Democrats as a whole, on Republicans is akin to saying, “It’s not my fault I want to fund Obamacare.”

“The White House also insisted the president would veto the bill if it reaches his desk.”

If you told me not to throw a basketball to you, not because you can’t catch it but because you don’t want to catch it, but I throw it anyway, and you see it coming with plenty of warning for you to catch it, and it’s coming straight at your face and you make the conscious decision in your head, “I’m not going to catch that,” and then it hits you in the face, you don’t get to say that I forced you not to catch it, that I forced you to be a stubborn jackass. I thought that you would do the right thing and protect your face (keep funding the government) despite your desire not to catch the ball (not to delay Obamacare). Should I have had such a low opinion of you as to expect that you would value your adamancy in not catching the ball over protecting your face?

Alas, the people who are on the side of the man who refused to save his face and prevent a government shutdown are also the people who control the news media’s messaging. Republicans, the throwers, will be blamed for the shutdown if it occurs (as of this writing, it’s unclear), because the public, thanks to the media, will be on the side of the stubborn fool who refused to budge on his principles, even though the throwers, the Republicans, have budged.

The Democrats’ lack of compromise can be spun to sound like a positive thing—they are “principled” and “standing up for what’s right” and “have firm values”—that’s fine. But in turn, they do not get to claim the other side is unwilling to compromise when they, the Democrats, are the ones saying, “No matter what they offer to us, we will reject it if it touches Obamacare. No matter what.”