GOP Called Out As Unbelievers In “Science” Because Many Do Not Accept Evolution

Whenever one runs into this kind of story one sees first hand how much morons dominate our culture. Newser begins the summary with an apology to their god:

Sorry, science: Fewer than half of Republicans and white evangelical Protestants in the US believe that humans and other living things have evolved over time, according to a survey by the Pew Research Center. Overall, a third of Americans say living things are unchanged “since the beginning of time,” and Republicans are growing more likely to say so, Reuters reports. Meanwhile, 67% of Democrats and nearly 80% of white mainline protestants are pro-evolution.

It is to Newser’s credit that they didn’t mention Republican in their headline or in their lead sentence. It also turns out that, even among those who believe in evolution, many reject Darwinism:

25% of adults say “a supreme being guided human evolution of living things”; 32% believe evolution was guided by nature.

The point of Darwinism, remember, is to completely eliminate the need of divine providence from the theory. Darwin thought that “natural selection” could account for all the different species in the world. In his view, animals spontaneously changed and some changes were advantageous to survival. As those animals survived and reproduces their accidental mutations became normal in the species. Supposedly, one species eventually turned into a different species by this method.

I don’t agree that evolution was the way in which God brought about our present situation in the animal and plant world. But at least these people acknowledge that changing one species into another requires a miracle. Furthermore, it also is a lot easier to “explain” the current scientific consensus on the fossil record by invoking God’s almighty power (again, I think the record is being misinterpreted). The fossil record shows whole new species springing into being without any gradual changes.

Evolutionary theory seems capable of justifying any amount of stupidity, or of being ignored whenever convenient—which is a good thing since it completely destroys the concept of human rights and normalizes disgusting violence. What I find most weird about those who sneer at Christians or at Republicans for disbelieving in evolution is that they rarely seem to have ever permitted themselves contact with anything but their own propaganda. I know plenty of Christians who are careful to read both sides. I rarely ever meet non-christians who would condescend to consider counter-evidence or counter-argumentation.

In popular culture at least, pro-evolutionists don’t argue; they just jeer, and invoke the name of the god “Science.”