For GOP, It’s Now or Never

Now that President Obama has officially used his executive pen to reward millions of illegal aliens with a free pass and all the government benefits they want, it’s time for the GOP to jump into the fray swinging.

Either that, or it’s time to go along and reveal that there truly is only one shadow party controlling this country.

It’s a heck of a choice, the sort of thing that thriller novels are written about.

There are people with famous names and big followings who are now calling Obama a king or an emperor, rather than a president. Some of us small-time bigmouths noted his resemblance to a monarch a long time ago.

His amnesty order is not some new tactic; he’s been violating the Constitution for years, and as no one tried to stop him, his boldness grew until he kicked off this year with the State of the Union address in which he publicly said he was going to push Congress around and pass any law he pleased. The entire Republican contingent should have stood up and walked out right then. The amnesty announcement last night was just the moment when a substantial number of Americans suddenly woke up to what Obama’s been doing.

So now, here’s the moment. Obama has just openly, flagrantly, blatantly decided to grant amnesty to millions of people who broke the law. He has done it without a shred of authority in the Constitution. If ever in the past six years there has been an open-and-shut case of “high crimes and misdemeanors” (and there have been several), this is it.

Even Glenn Beck has called this day “the crossing of the Rubicon.”

“You have made a dictator. This is the moment,” Beck said on his show. “If you don’t stand up against this, what do you think he’s going to do next?”

So what happens if Congress — again — does nothing?

What happens is that the Republican leadership will have proved once and for all that they are just as guilty of breaking the law as Obama.

Because if they do nothing to stop him, that means they approve of what he’s done, and what’s more, they hope to be able to take advantage of the precedent set by Obama, perhaps after the 2016 election.

If the Republican leadership does nothing, that means they too want to throw away our Republic and transform America into an empire.

So, GOP, what’s it going to be?