GOP Run States Best for Business Economic Competitiveness

When I was growing up, my dad always told me that the Republican Party was for the rich people and the Democratic Party was for the working people.  As I became old enough to vote (the year I turned 21 was the year they lowered the voting age to 19), I saw the two parties differently than my dad.  I saw the Republican Party as the Party for business and economic growth and the Democratic Party was all about unions and stopping companies from being successful.

Forty years later, I am more certain of this than ever before.  The Democratic Party has gone out of its way for decades making life difficult for business owners by placing more regulations and fees on them.  The Democrats are behind the unions who have only succeeded in putting many companies out of business.  I recall a large company in the Phoenix area some years ago that was forced to close its doors due to the demands the union kept placing on it.  Between high wages and exorbitant benefits, the company, run by Republicans, could no longer turn a profit because of the liberal Democrats that controlled the union.

Today, our children are being taught in public schools that American capitalism is wrong and that it hurts the rest of the world.  Democrats, like President Obama, believe in redistributing the wealth of business owners to the people that are less fortunate, many of which are too lazy to work for a living.  But if it weren’t for the wealthy business owners, millions more Americans would be out of their jobs and the country would be in total ruin.

To help support the difference between Republicans and Democrats when it comes to business and economy, CNBC has been conducting an annual survey of the best and worst states.  In the latest survey, 13 of the top 14 states for being economically competitive for businesses are run by Republican governors.  The only Democratic state to land in the top 14 was Colorado, but they are actively driving businesses out of the state at the moment due to their anti-gun laws and green energy policies.

The states were given scores based upon their performances in a number of categories:

  • Cost of Doing Business (450 points)
  • Economy (375 points)
  • Infrastructure (350 points)
  • Workforce (300 points)
  • Quality of Life (300 points)
  • Technology & Innovation (300 points)
  • Business Friendliness (200 points)
  • Education (150 points)
  • Cost of Living (50 points)
  • Access to Capital (25 points)

South Dakota took the top honors as being the number one state for business and economic competitiveness.  Their ranking of number one is attributed to their having a Republican governor and GOP controlled legislature.

Texas came in second, also having a Republican governor and legislature.  The list of the top 14 states for business and economic competitiveness is:

  1. South Dakota
  2. Texas
  3. North Dakota
  4. Nebraska
  5. Utah
  6. Virginia
  7. Colorado
  8. Georgia
  9. Wyoming
  10. Idaho
  11. Iowa
  12. North Carolina
  13. Tennessee
  14. Kansas

On the other end of the spectrum, 4 of the bottom 6 states on the list have Democratic governors and one has an Independent governor (Rhode Island) who votes Democrat all the time anyway.

45. Connecticut
46. Nevada
47. California
48. West Virginia
49. Rhode Island
50. Hawaii

And if any of you were wondering about a couple of GOP governors that have been mentioned as possible 2016 presidential candidates, you may want to rethink your support of them.  Republican Gov. Chris Christie’s New Jersey came in at number 42 and GOP Gov. Bobby Jindal’s Louisiana came in at number 43.  This doesn’t give either presidential hopeful a favorable rating at all.