Gov. John Kasich Betrays the People Who Put Him in Office

On Monday, Ohio Gov. John Kasich announced he will expand the state’s Medicaid program with federal dollars. Conservatives are ticked off. It was conservatives that got Kasich elected. They hoped he would reject Obamacare. Their hope was misplaced.

Where does Gov. Kasich think the federal dollars are going to come from? If the money comes from other states, then where will the money for the other states come from when governors take a similar position? Somebody’s going to have to pay. There are no “federal dollars.” They money is either taken from some people or the government prints it. Either way, theft is involved.

If the people of Ohio want to steal from the people in their own state, then let them do it. Don’t take money from me in Georgia to pay for what goes on in Ohio and vice versa.

It’s no wonder conservatives are frustrated. They work hard to elect solid conservatives, and then they fold under fiscal and public pressure. The turncoat’s argument goes something like this:

“I’m the governor of all the people. I must do what’s best for all the people of the state.”

What he means by the comment that he’s afraid that he won’t get re-elected if he doesn’t moderate his position. What he doesn’t understand is that the reason he will lose the next election is that the people who elected him the first time and are now disgusted with his compromising ways will stay home the next time.

Kasich said he does not support Obamacare, but he does support Medicaid expansion. Kasich is now sounding like Bill Clinton. He told reporters that he does not consider the expansion of Medicaid as Obamacare.

Gov. Kasich says he wants to help “people who are at the lower economic end.” Good for him. But taking dollars money from people in other states only punishes the people who had their money taken from them by force.

Gov. Kasich knows that government programs always costs more. The programs grow over time and get more expensive, bureaucratic, and inefficient. When something is subsidized, you get more of it, and the more you get is an increase of all that’s bad about the program.

Look what’s happened to the number of people on disability. “[F]ederal disability payments climbed to yet another record high of 8,830,026 in January, up from 8,827,795 in December, according to newly released data from the Social Security Administration.” What makes us think the same won’t happen with ObamaCare?

The following is from Politico:

“Medicaid is a broken, costly system that needs meaningful reform; expanding the system to include another 365,000 individuals is exactly the wrong policy for Ohio families,” said Nicole Kaeding, state policy manager for Americans for Prosperity. “Instead of trapping families in a system that doesn’t work, Gov. Kasich should devote his efforts and activities to forcing Columbus and Washington to pass badly needed reforms.”

It’s no wonder conservatives are frustrated. In a nation where conservatives outnumber liberals, you would think that someone like Gov. Kasich would take notice. Consider this latest Gallup poll:

“The percentage of individuals who identify as conservative in 2012 outnumber those who identify as liberal in 47 out of the 50 states, in addition to the District of Columbia (D.C.) according to a Gallup poll released on Feb. 1.

Nationally, the amount of self-identified conservatives (38 percent) still outnumbers liberals (23 percent). The disparity between conservatives and liberals has remained consistent since Gallup began its tracking in 2008.”

So what’s the problem? Why is the GOP losing elections? Conservative voters stay home on election-day because they feel betrayed.