Gov at Work: Hurricane Sandy Victims Drowning in Paperwork

It is taken for granted that victims of Hurricane Sandy should get Federal help. Insurance companies cannot possibly be sufficient. Neither can private charity. Nor should people feel any additional pressure about where they choose to live. Floods and storms can only be dealt with by the Federal government and its amazing resources.

government competence

OK, but how is that working for you?

According to the New York Daily News, “Small businesses applying for federal loans to recover from Hurricane Sandy are caught in a storm of red tape.”

Business owners say they don’t have the resources to run an operation while plowing through a 140-page book outlining the application process. Others say the documents they’re asked for were swept away during the storm.

Small business owners still suffering after Hurricane Sandy are drowning in paperwork, trying to tap into the city’s disaster recovery loans pool.

“It’s an exhaustive, onerous process,” said Red Hook restaurant owner Monica Byrne, who co-founded a coalition that has raised about $600,000 for businesses hurt by the storm.

“There’s such a lack of understanding of the experience of who’s really in need,” she said.

Dozens in the city who own micro-businesses — or operations with six or fewer employees — say they’re struggling to apply for the Hurricane Sandy Business Loan & Grant Program.

The federally funded disaster relief program, launched in August 2013, expanded in July to offer $100,000 grants and up to $1.1 million in matching grants.

So here we have this massive institution with massive resources that has promised a great deal of money… but it is unable to practically deliver. The economic problem with socialism is the inability to deliver needed resources. This shows us that the problem even applies to the mere attempt to deliver funds!

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And yet this institution is treated as the only possible solution to all our problems. Obamacare is the biggest recent example. We can ignore the ethics of making people pay for others at the moment and simply ask: Is there any real evidence that the government can make our lives better by providing all these goods or services? Even if we could agree that the government has a responsibility to take care of storm victims or provide healthcare for more people or anything else like that, what evidence do we have that the government actually improves our lives.

No one is going to tell me that the people who promised that I could keep my doctor if I liked my doctor have been able to meet the expectations they encouraged us to have. The state claims it will do all sorts of stuff for the people, but in the end the people are usually struggling with paperwork just to get a pittance, if anything.

The government always costs more than it says it will and it provides a lot less than it promises.