Government: Colleges Independent of Us Don’t Exist

The government’s list of colleges shows they think that only ones getting federal funds are real.

Originally, the government was going to rate all the colleges on one giant spectrum of best to worst. That idea was unworkable and even liberals opposed the idea. So now we have simply a list of colleges with some information about graduation rates and the average income of graduates. We need the government to provide such information because the private sector never provides it. Just ask Wikipedia.

But even though they don’t rank the colleges, the Executive Branch still managed to make its preferences known for the worst of the worst. Hillsdale College, Grove City College, and Christendom College don’t exist as far as the government is concerned. They are missing from the list.

So, if you are a taxpayer you are being roped into sending a message without your consent—that these three schools “don’t count.”

Hillsdale College, as you probably know, is a famous conservative institution. As the Daily Caller informs us,

Hillsdale College, a 1,500-student liberal arts college in Michigan, is ranked by U.S. News and World Reports as the 67th-best national liberal arts college in the country. The college is well-known for the conservative identity of its student body and its focus on a core curriculum that emphasizes Judeo-Christian tradition and the U.S. Constitution. It’s also known for its refusal to accept any federal funding (including federal student loans), in order to remain free of most federal regulatory control.

I don’t think of U.S. News and World Reports as a particularly conservative or Christian publication. Yet they didn’t let that stop them from giving Hillsdale a rather high ranking. Does the White House think their list is superior for leaving them out?

Grove City College is a Christian school and so is Christendom College. What both have in common with Hillsdale is that they won’t take federal aid in order to remain free from government control. They won’t even take students who use federally-subsidized student loans.

The Daily Caller News Foundation contacted Grove City College, a Christian school that also refuses federal funds, and asked if they were aware of not being on the scorecard. The school said they were, and that “in response to our inquiry, the department informed us that the site is limited only to Title-IV participating institution,” that is, those receiving federal funds.

Grove City said it wished the administration would reconsider and add schools that aren’t federally funded, or at least acknowledge they exist. “We are concerned that Grove City’s absence from the scorecard will prove perplexing to families that seek out higher education institutions with our record of success,” the school said.

So when families are directed to the government’s database, they will not be told of the existence of these schools.

When the Hillsdale student newspaper called up the Department of Education and asked why they weren’t included, the spokesman basically dismissed Hillsdale as a “predom­i­nantly certificate degree granting institution”—a ludicrous falsehood.

The state wants to reward its dependents and punish all who are living their lives without its “help” and control.