Government Extremism Summit Refuses to Admit Reality

What is the point of an extremism summit that won’t identify the problem?

Gadsden Flag Terrorism

The Federal government is hosting an “extremism summit” this week, and looking at ways to crack down on “extremists” who use social media to recruit others, and encourage violence.

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As the headline reads at the Financial Times website: “Expectations Low for U.S. Extremism Summit.” Sadly, the story is behind a paywall. Unless you have purchased a subscription you will have to take my word for what is in the story.

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After telling readers about the “extremism summit,” the article then provides examples:

  • The Charlie Hebdo murders in Paris (Perps: Islamists)
  • The Paris Deli murders (Perps: Islamists)
  • This weekend’s violence in Copenhagen (Perps: Islamists)
  • The beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians (Perps: Islamists)

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But then we read:

Officials also emphasized that the summit would not focus exclusively on the threats posed by one group, but would look at how communities can tackle extremism more broadly by fostering closer ties with immigrants, youth and other disaffected groups.

Um… right. It’s pretty hard to solve a problem when you fail to identify it.