Government Health Care: California Warms Up to Killing the Sick

Who’s really the sick one, a patient with a terminal illness, or the legislator who legalizes killing him?

A lot of people probably rationalize doctor-assisted suicide by telling themselves it will only happen in cases involving patients who are about to die anyway. It would be a mercy to help them avoid the pain they are experiencing.

That’s what the California Legislature is telling people after the Assembly on Wednesday¬†passed an assisted-suicide bill. The Senate passed something similar months ago, so the two bills are awaiting reconciliation and then will be off to the governor’s desk.

Anybody want to place bets on how fast Governor Moonbeam will sign it?

Some very wealthy interests have been trying for a quarter century to get some sort of death panels passed in California, only to be rejected every time. Now, despite strong opposition from the Catholic Church, the killing industry have finally found the right combination of immoral, crooked politicians to get the thing passed.

Who says spreading money around won’t get you votes?

Like abortion before it, assisted suicide is being touted as some sort of “health care” when in every state and nation where it has passed it has quickly become about cutting costs and killing people perceived as lost causes.

In the Netherlands, which is practically the model for assisted suicide, they have had nightmarish problems with regulating the practice, resulting in cases where doctors ordered patients killed who weren’t really terminal, seriously ill children were declared terminal because their ongoing care was too costly, and there have even been cases of elderly patients being killed against their will.

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In California, the right-to-die movement has never been driven by high demand for such services, but by out-of-state moneyed interests whose profit motive is suspect.

Key to passing this monstrosity was the fact that the California Medical Association dropped its historic opposition to allowing doctors to kill rather than heal their patients. Also, Sen. Dianne Feinstein put her weight behind the legislation.

There’s still the possibility that Governor Moonbeam could veto the bill. He was in a past life a Jesuit monk, after all. Unfortunately, I’ve never seen any sign that the monastery stuck with him to any great extent.

So figure that death panels are going to be the law of the land in the People’s Republic of California, sooner rather than later.

It wouldn’t be the first time California legislators have forced poison down voters’ throats.