Government Manufactures “Occupy Wall Street” Terrorism

I hate Occupy Wall Street, but I guess I don’t hate them enough. I don’t hate them enough to find clowns planning vandalism and talk them into using C-4 explosives so they can be busted as terrorists using WMD.

Over the years the Department of Homeland Security has issued warnings against “homegrown terrorism.” They’ve warned of “anarchists” and others, people who believe the Federal Reserve is a bad thing that hurts the United States and who have Ron Paul bumper stickers on their cars.

If you didn’t take those warnings seriously, then you were mistaken. Those warnings informed those who would listen just what kind of people the FBI had been ordered to set up next.

AP reported yesterday, three of five accused “anarchists” pled guilty for “conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction, knowingly attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction and attempting to damage property with explosives.” I had never before realized that C-4 was in the same category as a dirty nuke, or that vandalism counted as terrorism, but so it seems.

The AP report left out the fact that the group of Occupy Wall Street misfits had initially wanted to make a statement using things like stink bombs and paint guns. The FBI had sent a convicted cocaine user and robber to go to Occupy rallies and see if he could “find” anything (or get something started?). I’m sure he was completely ethical in all his doings and trustworthy in all his testimony.

So the group gets convinced (by whom, exactly?) to use real explosives to commit property damage, even planning to stop traffic to make sure no one is hurt. Obviously this is criminal behavior that should be punished. But the laws against using C-4 against bridges are not harsh enough. The government has laws that are effectively like “hate-crimes” for the protection of the government.

AP reported that the judged decided, “the men should be sentenced as terrorists, making them subject to harsher prison terms. After leaving prison, all three will be on supervised release for the rest of their lives.” So mindless property damage is not as serious a crime as property damage aimed at “trying to intimidate the government.” Such intentions add “terrorist enhancement” to the charges. Specifically it enhances “possible sentences from five or six years to 15 to 30 years or more.”

When the arrests were made, Breitbart claimed that the plot revealed “hidden dangers of the occupy movement.” Given our media’s love affair with Occupy Wall Street, I can partioally agree with that statement. But I’m not convinced these losers would have taken any action without government help, and they certainly would never have gotten anywhere near what we are now calling “weapons of mass destruction” for prosecutorial purposes. No, the plot really reveals the much more serious danger of the FBI and Homeland Security.

Once again the FBI has foiled its own plot. And we all know that if the FBI decided to aim their hired criminal “informants” at disaffected public high school students, wannabe hip hop artists, people at rock concerts, or motorcycle riders, they would be able to find some person or small group of people to persuade to blow up a bridge using fake C-4.

This isn’t law enforcement. This isn’t homeland security. This is theater. This is a strategy of government manipulation and propaganda designed to make us think that we are in more danger than we really are and to make us think our national security forces are more effective than they really are.

One of the fathers of the perpetrators said it well: “My son is guilty and so is the government.” But the government never does hard time.