Government Now Choosing Your Health Plan for You

The government wants to decide on your health plan.

obamacare symbol

Obamacare is taking a page from the Hotel California: Once you sign up, you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave… AND… they’ll even pick your plan for you, without any regard to your personal needs. After all, the Grubers in government always know what’s best for you.

Here is Representative Mark Meadows (R-North Carolina) in the Washington Times:

It seems CMS [the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services] is taking a page from Jonathan Gruber’s book; rather than allowing the “stupid” masses to make a decision on their own health plan, CMS has proposed a new rule that includes an overly reaching provision allowing CMS to re-enroll anyone who has not made the annual trek back to in a cheaper plan of CMS’ choosing.

That’s right, the government will choose your plan, perhaps limit access to your doctor, and ultimately make the decision on what is “best” for you.

Not to worry, just like Lady Justice, who wears a blindfold when determining guilt or innocence, CMS will use a blindfold to pick your plan. The agency will select your plan without knowing your medical history. They will do so without knowing if you are currently undergoing treatment or working with a specific doctor. They will do so without knowing your financial status. Despite the fact that the millions of people who already enrolled chose the plan that they believed was best for them.

CMS has laid the perfect trap: Sign up at¬†¬†one time in your life and we will never let you go. If you don’t continually re-enroll each and every year, CMS will keep you on the plan that it chooses because, after all, CMS knows what’s best and they always make the best decision. …

To be clear, a citizen will sign up once for a private plan with a healthcare provider, only to have that plan changed by the federal government. Moreover, CMS will change your plan after the open enrollment period ends, leaving you and your family stuck with a potentially unwanted plan for the year.

Well, well, well… change, has indeed, come to America. Like it or not. And if you think rubber-spined Republicans are going to do anything to protect you… puh-leeze! They showed their colors on the CROmnibus!

They serve their big business donors (just like the Democrats), not you.