Government Plus Media: Double Bad Food Messages

It’s time for us all to be told how much we’re eating wrong. Of course, it turns out that the government was wrong because the guidelines have changed. But the above Associated Press story, for no apparent reason, only gives voice to one extreme critic, The Center for Science in the Public Interest.

Yes, the organization has the word “science” in their name. So does Scientology, and with about as much justification.

What is this organization’s track record that earned them the right to be quoted as an authoritative source on the evil meat industry?

They launch a campaign to get McDonald’s and other restaurants to stop using beef tallow and start using hydrogenated crop oil (trans fats).

Then they lobbied movie theater chains to stop using coconut oil to make their popcorn and instead got them to use partially trans-fat oil.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest is hell bent on ridding the world of all animal fat, which humans have been eating for millennia, and even coconut oil. In its place they have promoted oils that the FDA has now banned as toxic.

There are plenty of critics that point out the government’s guidelines against fat are baseless. But the media gives people who have damaged the health of Americans a free pulpit. They basically lobby for the government to make war on meat—which is a real food, unlike “vegetable” oil.