Government Recruiting People To Sign Up For Food Stamps

Under the Obama administration, the number of Americans receiving some form of government assistance has swelled like the cap of a Shiitake mushroom.  In January of 2009, when Barack Hussein Obama was sworn into office, there were 32 million Americans receiving food stamps.  By July of 2012, that number had swelled to over 46 million or one out of every 6-7 people in the entire United States.

Evidently, that’s not enough, but in some states such as Florida, they have people who go around recruiting others to join the food stamps roster.  One such person is 56 year old Dillie Nerios.  For the past two years, her job is sign up no fewer than 150 senior citizens a month for food stamps.  The state has provided her with a training manual to help relate to the elderly and sell them on the need for government assistance.

Her training manual tells her that some seniors are lonely and have no one to talk to, so you need to spend a little time with them and make them feel that they are important and are the only one that matters.  It teaches her to make eye contact with them, touch them on the shoulder which helps reassure them that you are a friend.

Dillie drives around and visited places like trailer parks and neighborhoods with lots of seniors.  With thousands of Americans retiring to Florida every year, there is no shortage of seniors for Dillie to seek out and get signed up for food stamps.

Florida believes that recruiting seniors and others to sign up for food stamps helps the overall economy.  Right now, it’s bringing in nearly $6 billion a year to the state.  They say it helps local grocery stores and farmers who produce the food.  Dillie thinks about her job as helping seniors in need.

However, while states like Florida are reaping the rewards of recruiting people to sign up for food stamps, it’s only adding to the federal debt and forcing more Americans to become reliant on the government for their needs.

Besides adding to the national debt, food stamps have another sinister role to play.  We all know that Obama is a socialist through and through and he wants to convert America into a socialist country.  Most socialist nations have no middle class.  They have the wealthy elite and then everyone else is poor.  There is no middle class in most socialist nations.

There are several ways to destroy the middle class and open the way for socialism to take over.  One is to eliminate jobs, which Obama has been effectively doing.  The second is to undermine the economy and again, Obama is readily working toward that.  The third way is to get everyone possible to become reliant on the government for their livelihood. This is being accomplished through recruiting as many people as possible to go on food stamps and other forms of welfare.

So people like Dillie, who are being told that they are just helping people in need are actually helping Obama’s plan towards a socialistic nation.