Government Shutdown Apocalypse: KKK National Park Rally Canceled

If you don’t see the world ending all around you, then you’re not paying attention. It’s happening just as Obama and his team of spin-doctors had predicted.

A government shutdown means the destruction of the global economy. It means the suicide bombers, the kidnappers and arsonists working in the GOP have succeeded in blowing everything up. That’s why you see the very foundations of the world buckling under the slightest pressure. That’s the reason for all the carnage and chaos that we’re now witnessing. And you can thank political terrorist Ted Cruz and his band of anarchists for it.

Just one of the many horrible things that’s being manifested through this apocalypse is that groups like the KKK can’t congregate on federal parks, because they’re closed.

“A planned Ku Klux Klan rally at a historic landmark of American history won’t happen due to the federal government shutdown. The KKK event at Gettysburg National Military Park was canceled due to the government stalemate. Park officials said they rescinded all permits for special events because of the shutdown that began Tuesday. The permit had been approved for a Maryland-based KKK group, the Confederate White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, for a Saturday gathering. Park officials had defended granting the permit, saying they have a responsibility to make the land available for citizens to exercise their right to freedom of speech, even if the views expressed are contrary to those of most Americans.”

Now what’s the KKK supposed to do?

Of course, most of those KKK members are probably undercover FBI agents, which means if they’re working during this shutdown, they must be considered “essential.” I mean, someone’s got to pretend to be white supremacists while the rest of the world burns.