Greece Will Never Repay Money but Germans Won’t Admit It

It is simply a fact that Greece will never repay its debts because it cannot do so. But the Germans are angry at anyone who tells the truth.

Crashing Europe Graphic

Such a great laugh—the game is up!

From “Germans Furious After Varoufakis/Tsipras Admit ‘Greece Will Never Repay Its Debts’

The Greco-Germanic war of words continues… Having [ticked] off The Greeks with his “Troika” remarks, Germany’s Schaeuble went on today to more ad hominum attacks by reportedly calling the Greek FinMin “foolishly naive.”The Greek ambassador has ‘officially’ complained to “friend and ally” Germany about the personal insult. But The Greeks had the last laugh, as first Varoufakis and then Tsipras explained respectively that “Greece would never pay back its debts,” and “Greece cannot pretend its debt burden is sustainable.” The German response, via tabloid Bild, “there must be an end to this madness. Europe must not be made to look stupid.”


[A]s Reuters reports,  Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has described his country as the most bankrupt in the world and said European leaders knew all along that Athens would never repay its debts, in blunt comments that sparked a backlash in the German media on Tuesday.


The Germans are not happy… the remarks caused a stir in Germany where voters and politicians are increasingly reluctant to lend Greece money.

This is blasphemy in the world of Central Bank finance: A national leader who dares tell the truth that Greece will never repay the money fools lent them.

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Will we ever get an American President honest enough to admit it?

Bulletin: The United States will never make good on all of its current $200 trillion and more in debt and promises to pay. Oh, it’s remotely possible we’ll pay the nominal amount, but only if we devalue the dollar to the point that $1 million per year is a poor man’s wage.

Default now, and avoid the rush. Tell the big banks (domestic and international) who own the stock of the Federal Reserve to go pound sand!