Greedy High-Tech Billionaires See Profits in Amnesty

Just looking at the surface of the illegal immigration problem, a reasonable mind would come to the conclusion that America is suicidal.

Although we have laws in place designed to stop unfettered immigration, we don’t enforce them on orders from our elected leaders who hand down “policies” that virtually guarantee that any illegal immigrant, including one previously convicted of a major felony, caught by the Border Patrol or ICE is going to be set free.

Those who get across the border without being caught are likewise virtually guaranteed that no one will be looking for them as a matter of course.

Other policies give these same lawbreakers access to free government cash, free food, free phones, free rent, free schooling, free health care and other benefits courtesy of the government that is supposed to be looking out for the rights of its citizens and safeguarding the use of funds from taxes paid by them.

Some of the results of this situation are higher health care costs for the rest of us, higher taxes, fewer entry-level jobs or low-skill jobs, an across-the-board decrease in salaries, destruction of our families by the scourge of drugs that cross the border with many illegals, and a major — perhaps THE major — source of crime in the U.S.

Yet despite all of this, most of the elected members of the Democratic Party and many Republicans want us to embrace amnesty for millions of these criminal invaders. And they often push amnesty despite opposition from their constituents. Why?

There’s obviously a cynical belief among Democrats that if President Obama grants amnesty, then the newly legal immigrants will morph into Democratic voters. This will happen either through a new generation growing up here and being brainwashed with liberal ideas, through immigrants becoming citizens and embracing Progressive socialism, or through the sort of outright voter fraud that seems to occur whenever Democrats think nobody’s watching.

So one reason for our self-destructive immigration policies is power.

The other, however, is money and lots of it.

Politicians who favor amnesty have been getting a lot of attention from multibillionaires in the tech sector. Again, it’s not obvious on the surface of the issue why people made fabulously wealthy by their investments in technology would want the president to declare amnesty. After all, most of the people who sneak across the border are at best physical laborers, not engineers.

But according to numerous sources, buried in the plans for amnesty being drawn up by the White House are provisions for increasing the number of trained engineers, programmers and other foreign tech workers that can be hired and brought to the United States every year by the technology industry. President Joe Green recently was shooting his mouth off about how wonderful foreign workers are compared to American workers. According to Green, the jobs available in technology fields are “extremely high-value, high-productivity jobs, where the difference between someone who is truly great and just sort of OK is really huge.”

In other words, American workers suck.

He continued by saying, “If those jobs are not able to be hired here,” they’ll go to places like Canada and England. It’s unclear from the interview on Bloomberg TV whether Green meant competitors in other countries would hire the magic foreign engineers or that tech firms would take their business elsewhere if Obama doesn’t deliver amnesty.

Probably a little of both would be my guess.

But don’t be fooled. Despite what Green and other tech leaders like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Green’s college roommate, have been saying, there is no shortage of qualified high-tech workers in the U.S. Just like other sectors, there aren’t enough jobs to go around.

So why seek to hire from foreign countries? Simply, the United States has had a higher standard of living than almost any other country for so long, that even well-educated foreigners unfamiliar with our society are easily exploited and persuaded to work for far less than most American workers will accept. Even lousy pay in the U.S. is better than great pay in most other countries.

“(The) vast, vast majority of tech engineers that I talked to who are from the United States are very supportive of bringing in people from other countries because they want to work with the very best,” Green insisted.

But that’s just baloney. It’s all about more money in the pockets of ultra-rich guys like Green. In fact, Oracle was recently sued by a former manager who refused to offer a transfer from India to the company’s California offices a substantially lower salary than Americans doing the same job.

That cut-rate attitude applies across other industries as well. Michael Bloomberg, who made his money in the technology-dependent financial services sector, is also among the heavy contributors to the amnesty cause. Similarly, Citigroup exec Carlos Gutierrez is an amnesty mover and shaker.

The bottom line is that illegal immigration is slowly eroding this country, and amnesty will be no improvement. We’re being betrayed by our own leaders for the sake of money and power.