Ground Forces in Syria Sent by Imperial President

Obama Is Sending Ground Forces but Will He Get Congressional Authorization?

The War Powers Act says the President has sixty days to get Congress’ approval from the time he begins hostilities. President Obama began bombing ISIS last year without Congressional action and no one seemed to care. Now that the President wants to send ground troops that may be about to change. According to Jason Ditz at

There’ve been a few pushes for Authorizations for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) against ISIS, but they’ve never gotten far beyond their respective committees.  The administration has simply ignored the lack of authorization for the war so far, but deploying ground troops into Syria is likely to bring the question some new attention.

This is doubly true because, back when those AUMF proposals were making the rounds, endorsed by the White House, they almost all explicitly banned sending ground troops into Syria, meaning even if the administration had gotten their requested authorization, they’d be violating it now.

That also means even if, as some Congressmen hope, the deployment obliges the Congressional leadership to finally see the AUMF brought to a vote, they’re likely going to have to pen a brand new version of the authorization that’s even broader, in keeping with the various ways the war has expanded in recent weeks.

Remember, it wasn’t that long ago that even Jeb Bush was denying a need for ground troops is Syria. Once again the Nobel Peace Prize winner has surpassed the aggression of a Bush!

What really intrigues me is whether the AUMF will spell out ISIS and related jihadists as the target, or if it will be vague enough to allow us to also start a ground war with Assad’s forces.

And what will Russia do?