Grubers Get Power and Influence while Happers are Ignored

How do Progressives get power and influence? By lying… or Grubering, if you will.

Whenever a Progressive talks about so-called “Climate Change”—or any other alleged “crisis” that needs “emergency action”—please use this line:

“Remember Jonathan Gruber.”

Gruber should become the proverbial poster-child–a perpetual meme–for opposing every Leftist cause. Let us no longer be duped into believing anything these pathologically and criminally lying elitists throw at us “for our own good,” and for the good of their pocketbooks.

gruber meme

Progressivism would die a quick death if we could remove all taxpayer funding of its supporters, institutions, pundits, and bureaucratic shills. It only survives as a parasite on productive society, unless it achieves a majority, and then it kills the free-market host that made such bad thinking financially sustainable.