Gun Ban Proposal Overturned In Massachusetts Town

There’s a town in Massachusetts that thought that the state hasn’t gone far enough in its gun restrictions. Actually, it wasn’t the town. It was a town selectman named Robert Jeffries. He’s the Vice Chairman of the Board of Selectmen. The state of Massachusetts already bans “assault weapons,” but they allow those that were already owned before the law’s effective date. Jeffries proposed a complete ban of “assault weapons” in his town of Westford, hoping that other cities and eventually the state would do the same.

He was expecting a debate at the town hall meeting, but his proposal was met with such opposition from the crowd of attendees that the board unanimously voted to remove the proposed semi-automatic rifle ban. A local CBS affiliate reported:

 “A thunderous round of applause and a standing ovation greeted the news Wednesday night that a proposed town bylaw to restrict some assault weapons was going to be officially withdrawn. The overwhelming majority of the close to 400 people who packed a special meeting of the Westford Board of Selectmen opposed the idea. The man who originally proposed it told the crowd the debate had not gone as he had hoped.”

 This goes to show that not everyone in Massachusetts is a liberal gun-grabber. Four hundred is a big crowd of people attending a small town meeting. Sure, their politicians are in favor of gun control, but real people, even in Massachusetts, are seeing the danger of a government restricting people’s 2nd Amendment rights, and they’re not trusting Obama or the media with their emotional appeals.

Recently, New York had one of these type meetings, except they weren’t debating anything. Its purpose was to answer questions about provisions in the newly enacted “SAFE Act” which placed more restrictions on people’s firearms. But the meeting was filled with outraged gun owners who were demanding that their elected officials abide by the 2nd Amendment:

 “One Western New Yorker even said ‘You put a brown shirt on Mr. Cuomo and put him on television, he would look just like Hitler.’ Another chimed in, ‘Angry people get together, they form militias folks. This country, this WNY is prime for something like that!’ Western New York gun owners say the SAFE Act and its ban on assault weapons makes no sense. One of the big concerns — who is footing the bill for making changes to guns that are now considered assault weapons. State officials told the crowd the gun owners are the ones responsible. People in the crowd also had a lot of questions about the registration laws. One gun owner asked, ‘What is the penalty if you don’t register it? ‘Cause I guarantee there’s a lot of people that aren’t going to.’”

 I guess this is why the federal government doesn’t like local government control. At the more local level, individual citizens have more voice. The low information voters don’t bother getting involved, so what they’re left with are the more knowledgeable and intelligent citizens calling the shots. If gun control were completely left up to local governments, there wouldn’t even be a debate.