Gun Bans Equal More Homicides

Guns don’t kill people. Evil, demented thugs who think they have the run of a town kill people.

In a nutshell, that’s what a report from the Crime Prevention Research Center says.

The report’s authors looked at the 1997 gun ban in Britain and Wales and murder statistics since that ban took effect.

The homicide rate in Britain has soared many times since authorities took the guns away. The study found that only one year, 2010, came in below 1996’s homicide rate.

Even that number is suspect, however, because the report’s authors found that British law enforcement officials use a variety of methods for making the homicide numbers look lower than they are.

Among other accounting tricks, some Home Office reports to Parliament have stated outright that homicide figures don’t include cases that don’t result in a conviction or that aren’t prosecuted for any reason. That also means cases where no arrests are made aren’t counted in the homicide rates.

The report estimates that if the same techniques were used in the United States, the homicide rate would appear to be a little less than half of what it is reported to be now.

The immediate effect of the ban, according to the report, was a 50 percent hike in the homicide rate. Also, rates only began to fall after a substantial increase in the number of police officers in 2003.

Similar homicide rate increases occurred in Ireland and Jamaica after gun bans there.

Clearly, gun control laws don’t stop the criminals. It shouldn’t take a study to figure that out.

In the United States, the report looked at two of the most rigorously gun-controlled cities — Washington, D.C., and Chicago — which remain national symbols for crime, mayhem and murder. In both cities, the murder rate has gone up precipitously.

Things have gotten so bad in Chicago that the public schools have hired guards to monitor children walking to and from school.

The police can’t be everywhere, and you wouldn’t want to hire enough police officers so that they could be.

That means that private citizens have to take responsibility for their own self-defense. It’s just common sense.

As they say, the average response time for police is about 7 minutes. The average response time of a .38-caliber slug is around 700 meters per second.

Which would you rather have protecting you?